Random Thoughts - Part 1

I'm going to be throwing out little posts at a time the next few days. Kind of like "Random Thoughts Of The Moment".

* We've survived the weekend parties. Kid roller-skating party on Saturday and Family party for both girls on Sunday. I can't believe how tired I was yesterday! I need some new vitamins.

* We have a house guest and I still have so-o-o much that I want to accomplish. What's one more kid at the house? The whole neighborhood already hangs out here. I feel like Carol Brady. (But Carol had Alice. Where's my "Alice"?!?)

* Chugging Tension Tamer tea seems to defeat the purpose.

Busy time!!!

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  1. Ohhhh Alice... I want an Alice too....

  2. And with Alice came Sam the butcher! (Remember him!)
    I think it's cool that the neighborhood hangs out at your place. You must be the fun mom on the block. Good for you!

  3. LOL, "where's my Alice!" I hope you get it all done!


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