More Random Thoughts - Part 2

* Perhaps I'm not invincible. I've got a blasted cold. Crap!

* I felt so good about getting presents organized and in the mail on-time. I realized that I hadn't sent my Dad's gift yesterday morning so I ran to the post office as soon as they opened. The gift went into the mail slot and I felt that all was well. That was, until I arrived home, to find that his Christmas card had been returned for an incorrect address. I can't win!

* My oldest decided not to have a chat with Santa this year. Sad. I'm not surprised, just sad that this time has come so - well, it feels like the days are flying by. Sad.

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  1. Oops! I didn't get ANYTHING mailed for the holidays. I figure everyone expects Christmas gifts/cards, I will just buck tradition and do the New Year's thing!

    Tara stopped talking to Santa two Christmas' ago. Made it so much easier for me... but it is sad that time flies so fast!


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