The Call

My oldest has her challenges. Socializing has always been tough. What she finds funny may not be funny to all. It's difficult for her to look people in the eye when she's being spoken too. When she was little she would hug her friends so tightly that it hurt the other person, but she never understood that. Her intention was affection, not pain.

Now in sixth grade hugging isn't the issue, but understanding appropriate words/actions is still a work in progress. As she grows so do the taunts from certain classmates. There's this one boy... oh man... just the thought of this evil, little &#$%&* and I lose my mind! Anyway, my point is, my daughter knows what it feels like to have someone be mean to you. We've been working on feeling strong and understanding that kids this young, and that angry, must have it really bad at home. There's no other reason to be that horrible. Bullies = Pitiful characters. That is why, when I got a call last night, my heart sunk. My daughter was being called a bully.

The situation: a classmate started crying and my daughter supposedly said something very hurtful to the classmate which made the situation worse. This parent was letting me know that what was said was NOT O.K. and I completely agreed. Tears came to my eyes when I heard the pain in this parents voice and my heart broke even more at the thought that my daughter would behave this way. This isn't the way I'm raising my children! How could this happen?!

Everyday is a work-in-progress. You never know what direction you're headed. I never want to get a call like that again. Parenthood is very tough on your heart.

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  1. Parenting does suck.

    You're prolly doing a great job! Kids are naturally this way... even when we try to teach them not to be. It's easy to jump on board of what the other kids are doing.

    Mine are still too little; but, I see my daughter being very passive and being easily bullied. We really dread those days! :(

  2. It's heartbreaking when you see your child having difficulties with ANYTHING. Even moer so to hear about your child from another parent.

    I know that when my son is hurt or angry, a side comes out of him that I'm not happy with. It takes time and some painful lessons before they find a good way to deal with emotions. You're not alone with this....

  3. Sweetie, parenting is the hardest and yet the most rewarding thing in the world. We simply can't teach our children everything all at once. So when something happens, we handle it head on, and talk about the lesson learned, and how hopefully it won't ever happen again. I know in my heart of hearts, you worked out the situation and all will be well.

  4. hugs for your daughter and her classmate.


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