True Personality?

When I look over our Halloween pictures I truly believe that we put a large part of our true personalities into what is supposed to be our "Alter Ego" Halloween costume.

Take my little Lily --- Before

After --- She was a Princess Kitty (Her creation - Dad's make-up job)

Lily is very much like the personality of this costume. (She wore the ears and tail for weeks before October 31st.)

Then we have our 'Tween Katie --- Before

After --- That look! Be afraid, be very afraid!

Now, Katie didn't want to use the vampire teeth I bought so Rob had some fun with them.

Rob --- Before

After --- The Ogre

Now, is this truly his personality? Nah. I think this is when my theory goes awry. (I hope!!!)

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  1. your princess kitty was too cute. Yeah your right my firs thought after seeing your preteen is watch out for that one LOL

  2. A princess kitty? That's awesome and just what I love about costumes, you can be anything you want to be!

    Katie looks great as a vamp!

  3. great pictures!! I love the costumes

  4. It shows that you guys are enjoyed with the halloween.Those costumes are gorgeous.


  5. Ah ha ha ha!!! Love the pics. Good thing hubby isn't green :)

  6. I'm glad to see the original costumes!


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