Virtual GNO - Yikes! No Costumes Yet!

Here it is a week before Halloween and I have no costumes for my girls. Not one costume! Last year I was so-o-o organized. I even made a Black Widow Spider costume (I'm not a sewing kinda gal so that was really something). I need to loosen up and get my creative juices flowin'. I need a Virtual Girls Night Out.

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Time For Some Tunes!

Guess who I went to see last night??? :->

Brandi Carlile "The Story"

She is so incredible. So talented. You must go see her when she comes to your town. (---Thanks so much Barbara Jones/One2One Network ---)

Have you seen some good shows lately? Tell me about them!

Time For A Cocktail!

"Dirty Mother"
1 1/2 oz brandy
3/4 oz coffee liqueur
Build the ingredients in an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes.
Stir well.

VGNO "Heart-Shaped Rock Project"

The rock has made it's way to Carolee's "Working In My Jammies And Loving It". Check this out!!!

The heart-shaped rock will then make it's way to Gena's at "Relax and Enjoy All The Serene Moments".

Our little gem has a lot of stops ahead of it. Would you like to participate in the traveling "VGNO Heart-Shaped Rock Project"? Send me your mailing address and I'll put you on the list. Please e-mail annharrisonATcomcastDOTnet. (I'm saving all the pics and will have a slide show at the end of the project :-> )

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  1. Oh my gosh girl! Our party brains were on the same page. Guess I should have checked in with you before posting cause guess what I posted about? Brandi!! So jealous you got to go see her. How cool!! Gotta love Barbara!

  2. Good Luck with those Halloween costumes! Delaney never wants a regular costume, we had to go all over town looking for things to create the perfect "rock star witch" costume. Jake's is to die for...D picked him out a red electric guitar costume!

  3. Oh, how I wish I've been to a good show lately. It's been awhile, as you can imagine.
    I am HORRIBLE with Halloween costumes... wish I could offer you some quick ideas for the girls! I haven't dressed up since college, if you can believe that! :)
    Happy Friday and Happy GNO!

  4. Happy VGNO!

    I have yet to write my Friday post...I'm slacking...but I'm working on it!

  5. Dirty Mother? Too funny.
    I posted a good costume- lol...

    Harriet on Sherlock...
    Have a great weekend!

  6. That Dirty Mother sounds pretty good. The one I like is Kahlua, Tequila and cream on the rocks! Mmmmmm. I was just thinking I better get working on those costumes too. We've got a hot pink Flamenco dress you could borrow. Have a good weekend!

  7. Love the song! The school where I work is whack, so we are not celebrating Halloween. Instead we are having 'Dress Up Like Your Favorite Story Book Character Day'. W-H-A-C-K!

  8. I'm on the same page... haven't put out one decoration... and don't think I will this year... I have them, just not the energy to deal...

    Costume wise, little Diva had a choice, princess or dancer - both costumes we already own! Little Dude better fit into last years monkey costume.... Isn't that terrible!

    Don't feel bad! Have a great week.

  9. Good luck with those costumes. My son stopped trick or treating last year so I've been enjoying not having to stress about a costume for him!

  10. I made the worst costumes EVER when my son was little LOL!! Brings back great memories. The cocktail looks fabulous!

  11. I'm new to this party..but happy to be here!

    I wish I had some good ideas for costumes, alas, I haven't managed to come up with any for my own kids!!

  12. No costumes here either. My son seems to be "over it". Though, I have a hunch he will chsnge his mind about 2 days beforehand.

    Coffee in hand, blog hopping I go!

  13. Princess Nagger keeps changing her mind about what she wants to be on Halloween...I told her she better make up her mind quick! Hopefully she'll make a final decision this weekend...hopefully. :)

    Happy VGNO! :)

  14. Happy VGNO!!!!!!!!!!

    And I love Brandi!

    My daughter is going to be a "cat princess" this year with the emphasis on face painting.

    The costume itself is just a black danskin :)

    Peace - Rene

  15. Hi guys! I almost forgot to add my links- crazy day & company just came....

    I'll be back later!

    Don't forget to check out the rock pic!

  16. Adding my link late... just got home from Football and dinner... man it was COLD out!! happy Friday Ann!

  17. Real late getting here. Hope everyone is having a great night. We were actually out looking for halloween stuff.

  18. Happy VGNO! Your cocktails always look so good, I could become a lush after a few weeks of visiting you :)

  19. Hope you were able to get some costumes over the weekend.

  20. Hi!
    Hope you get the costume situation handled. I'm lovin your blog, great info and some fun stuff.
    Thanks! and I'm following you now too :)

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