Virtual GNO - And A Harry Connick, Jr. Giveaway!

Too much 'Tween drama. Hormones are crazy and some kids are flippin' mean! ARGH!!! Hubby and I want to run away from home. Oh, that would be so-o-o-o nice. But... can't. You know what I'll have to do instead? A Virtual Girls Night Out!

Join The Virtual GNO!

For those that are new to the party: Join the Virtual GNO blog-hopping fun! Check out my main VGNO post then sign the MckLinky guest book below with your name/blog link. Visit fellow bloggers that have signed the MckLinky VGNO. Go blog-hopping! The Virtual GNO has some of the best blogger's around.

Time For Some Tunes!

To coincide with my giveaway here's a bit of groovy Harry.

Harry Connick, Jr. "Blue Light/Red Light"

Harry Connick, Jr. - Blue Light, Red Light (Someone'S There) (Official Music Video) - The funniest home videos are here

Oh Harry... My floors could do with a good sweeping ( Naughty Ann! ;-> )

Time For A Cocktail!

While listening to my jazzy tunes I'm in the mood for a classic cocktail

Dirty Martini

2 1/2 oz gin (I prefer vodka)
1/2 oz dry vermouth
olive brine to taste
olive for garnish
Pour the gin and dry vermouth into a mixing glass. Slowly add the olive brine.
Stir. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with olive. (I prefer three. Olives, that is. ;->)

Time For A Giveaway!

Due to advertising restrictions on this site I am holding this giveaway on my review site Ann Again... and again Reviews. Please visit this site and enter for a chance to win Harry Connick, Jr.'s latest release "Your Songs". Now, I've given a very honest review of this release. If you win this giveaway let me know if you agree, or disagree, with my take on "Your Songs". Click here to enter. Good Luck!

VGNO "Heart-Shaped Rock Project"

The little "gem" has left Yaya's and has landed at Kat's place, that Sassy Irish Lassie. She is going through the pain of computer problems and will post her picture soon. After Kat's place the heart-shaped rock will travel to Carolee, who is Working In My Jammies And Lovin' It.

Our VGNO "Heart-Shaped Rock Project" visitor list is growing every day. Would you like to participate? Just e-mail me your mailing address at annharrisonATcomcastDOTcom and I will add you to the list. When you receive the "gem" you'll need to take a picture of yourself, or someone (or place) special, with the rock in the picture and post it on your blog. It's traveling America! Take part, why don't 'cha?!

Now, dear VGNO friends, I believe I'll go have a cocktail and remember those sweet days when my girls were tiny and the biggest issue was 'Did I bring enough diapers for this long car ride?' Ah, the good times.

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Also, do you Twitter? Am I following you? Leave your Twitter address in the comments to make sure I'm being a good friend :-> Send our party into the Twitter world. (#VGNO) The more the merrier!


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  1. Ann hang in there soon tween drama will leave and TEEN drama will emerge. THANK GOD mine are all grown up and all I have to deal with is grown up drama.

  2. Ugh! Tween drama - I am not looking forward to those days! :)

    But I do love Harry Connick, Jr.! And I wouldn't complain if you passed one of those Dirty Martini's over here... :)

    You did get my email oh-so-long-ago about participating in the heart rock project, right? :) I think you're following me on Twitter (SassyDesigns) not that I tweet much, but one of these days I'll get sucked into it... ;)

    Enjoy your weekend - hopefully it'll be tween angst free...or at least mellowed... :)

    Happy VGNO! :)

  3. Doesn't it seem like we go from tantrum straight into the tween drama? That is why puppies and children are so cute, you can't stay mad for long : )

    I would love to get my hands on Harry, I mean on his CD of course. I'll be hitting that giveaway next.

  4. Happy VGNO!
    Although I'm just on my way out the door for preschool pick-up, so I'm not quite with you yet!!!
    I'm looking forward to checking in with everyone later!

  5. Happy Weekend Ann... I have teen drama here in the Crazy House... ughh... off to football but will be back in a few hours to check in. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi there! I have a tweener too (fourth grade). Can you ping me about the rock project? It sounds fun but my email bounced back. I twitter from:
    and am following you now.
    Cheers! Thanks for including me in the VGNO!

  7. Hey, so are you liking the whole twitter thing? I still can't get into it.. :(
    Happy GNO! Happy Friday!

  8. I think you definitely should run away Ann! Happy VGNO. And yes I'm on Twitter: @ladymamawrites. Have a great weekend!

  9. Hey Ann, Long time no VGNO. It's chilly out which keeps me in home and not on the deck. So here I am. I'm not sure what I was supposed to put in the title when I liny'd. And you are already following me on twitter.

  10. I'll see your tween angst ridden drama and raise you one...lol...I feel your pain we are swimming in it here...joining VGNO tonight-it has been a long time since I played

  11. We have some of that tween drama around here too! Not looking forward to teen drama, yikes! Still making sure I have enough diapers for Jake...but I think boys tween drama probably involves whether they remembered to put pants on in the morning!

    Sorry I missed out last week, we were in Nebraska for my brother's wedding.

    Off to the Duck game with my girlfriends from college, making the mojito jello shots tonight, hopefully I'll be around to comment on the blogs on Sunday when I might not be getting out of my pjs!

  12. Happy VGNO!

    Sigh...I'm not drinking alcohol these days...have one for me!

  13. I am so silly. So now I know what was supposed to go in title. I swear I had a brain blackout and couldn't figure that one out for the life of me. That was before the wine LOL

  14. Yikes- I have tween drama, too. Although since I started homeschooling it has gone WAY down!

    Have a Happy VGNO!


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