Health Insurance Companies = DEVIL


I just need to vent. And not that it's a happy "Muse" to contribute to Robin's "Monday's Muse" over at Cinnamon and Honey, but it's on my mind and I just need to vent.


"Covering less and increasing rates. Over a billion customers screwed!" (That's my new commercial for health ins. co's.)

Our current provider just increased our rates by $100 a month. Seriously! The economy stinks, belts have been tightened, and this company doesn't do just a $10 jump, or a rude $50 jump, they dump a $100 increase on us. I've spent the better part of my day researching other options. Ugh...

So, how about you share something that's currently meaningful to you... a song, a video, a poem, a book, a movie, a person... or anything that's gotten into your head and you can't get rid of. (For me today that was obviously angst!) Join Robin with your "Monday's Muse".

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  1. Oh, Ann! I totally sympathize! Often prices jump and coverage goes DOWN. Can you imagine any other service getting away with that BS?
    We've been having insurance nightmares all year... it's been one battle after another just to get coverage. Just thinking about it gets my blood boiling. Something HAS to change and very soon. Our system in this country is an embarrassment.
    Anyway! Muses don't have to be happy... I am just glad you joined up!

  2. Ann at least you still have health insurance. They canceled me after some nitwit put in my chart that I am a pituitary drawf. I know I'm short but I'm not that short. :) You can read about my insurance drama at http://gladysspeaks.blogspot.com/2009/01/help-me-mr-obama.html

  3. I am with Gladys, at least you have health insurance. My husband's company dropped us with no notice and no offer for COBRA! Thank you economy and thank you AETNA.

  4. Oh wow... I'm so sorry to hear about this, from you and all who left comments so far.

    I can not imagine how awful that must be. I live in Canada, and I forget how fortunate we are to have the health care system we do. It's funny, so many people up here bitch about our system; the long waits, yada, yada, yada... but I think we forget how good we have it.

    My best goes out to all of you. It's disgusting how your insurance companies operate... very disturbing.


  5. I totally hear ya! I had to go from working part time and being home with my kiddos to working full time just to get benefits. My husband owns his own company and private health ins for just us ( as he only has 5 part time employees) was outrageous... atleast my employer pays half of ours BUT its still crazy.

  6. $100 a month? That's INSANE!!!!!!!!

    My muse right now is Jill.

    Justine :o )

  7. Sorry about the insurance crap! We had to go private while Dave was laid off for 11 months, that great COBRA we're all "entitled" to was $2100 a MONTH for our family. It wasn't too bad, check out Pacific Source, but they did raise the rates while we had it. I've got a friend who sells this stuff & he's got a family & understands the issues, if you need his info let me know. Good Luck! I'm thankful that Dave got a job with good benefits, finally, not a good salary, but I guess I should be glad he got one out of 2....

    Come over & check out my blog, I was honored this week & I'm excited to share the news! http://juliechats.blogspot.com/

  8. We have the same love hate relationship. Mr Blarney went through some chest pains that sent him to the ER some time back. I CAN NOT beleive the bills I am seeing! We were lucky to have quite a bit covered but the out of pocket expenses along with the monthly coverage charges are just crazy. Each year we go through what we've used verses what we don't use and make adjustments. I'm not looking forward to the 'review' this year. I fear things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. Sigh.

  9. Sucks! I am sorry mama :( That is why we have Ameriplan AND my hubbys work. Anyways, stopped by to say you won an award on my blog!! Here is the link: http://www.shopwithmemama.com/blog/entry/287861/my-first-award-

  10. Hi Ann,

    Have you ever noticed that you don't have these problems when it comes to health care for your pets? I'm serious. Hint: the government is not involved in those transactions, either through mandated coverage or taxes. The result is simplicity and more money in your pocket -- and good pet health.

  11. right now i consider myself lucky that i have the good coverage that i do from my husband and that my girls are double covered.

    i know that it has been getting ridiculous w some companies who won't even pay for pregnancies if you've had a prior c-section. pregnancy and c-secs are pre-exisiting conditions? wtf??

    here's the sad truth about health care: do we let the ins co's go on charging up the yin yang and keep denying people for the stupidest crap? or do we regulate what they do so that all people can be afforded some type of health insurance. the big problem?? who is going to pay for it. it's like a catch 22, and i don't think people get it when they complain about obama and his health care policies. they're trying to come up w a way everyone can have it without the government having too much control. i guess the question is how.


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