Virtual GNO - Guess Where I Am?

Hey! My dear party going Virtual GNO pals. Guess what? I'm not here. And by that I mean 'I'm not where I usually am when I'm having my Virtual GNO with you all'. I am blissfully at the Oregon Coast. As a matter of a fact, I'm looking at the Pacific Ocean right now. (Glancing away from laptop... there it is... gorgeous water...Nice) Heck. Let's still do it! Let's have a Virtual Girls Night Out.

Get Your BLOG Over Here!

Join the Virtual GNO blog-hopping fun! Check out this VGNO post then sign the MckLinky guest book with your name/blog link below. Visit fellow bloggers that have signed in. (We've been hanging out with each other for over a year now! Isn't that something?) The Virtual GNO has some of the best blogger's around. Go blog-hopping!

Time For Something Completely Different

Hey friends I am on a laptop that is s-o-o s-l-o-o-o-w-w that it's painful. And with that I'm sure you can understand why this VGNO is going to be different, as in, no music this week and no party game. GEEZ! It's taken the system 5 minutes just to type this paragraph!!! And for this reason I need a lovely cocktail.

Time For A Cocktail!

A Day at the Beach

5 oz Amaretto
5 oz Grenadine
4 oz Orange juice
1 oz Coconut Rum
Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves

Slow computer? What slow computer? This beverage makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :->

Who Wants To Play "VGNO Heart-Shaped Rock Cafe"?

While strolling on the beach I've found a heart-shaped rock. This rock has given me an idea. I want to send it to you! Once you receive the heart-shaped rock, take a picture of yourself, or someone (or place) special, with the rock in the picture and post it on your blog. You then will send the heart-shaped rock to the next VGNO guest. They take a picture with it, and so on, and so on, and so on. As the photo gallery grows I will create a little "VGNO Heart-Shaped Rock Cafe" slideshow of all of us.

Here's the plan:

1.) Leave me a direct e-mail letting me know you would like to participate. Include your mailing address. annharrisonATcomcastDOTnet
2.) I will compile a list of those that would like to participate. (Top Secret! Addresses are just for the VGNO Heart-Shaped Rock project. They go no where else.)
3.) I'll send you an e-mail confirming your mailing address before I mail the gem.
4.) Let me know when you receive the VGNO Heart-Shaped rock. I will then give you the mailing address of the next participant.

Just think of where my little Oregon Coast rock will go! The people it will visit! Oh, if only it were me, actually meeting you in person. *heavy sigh* (Guitar Guy wanted me to call it "Get Your Heart On", but I just couldn't bring myself to it ;->)

Now, my dear VGNO friends, I believe I'll go have a drink. You start mingling! Have fun! Click the MckLinky button to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that have signed-in. Go blog-hopping! That's what it's all about. Share this party with your blog friends, post A LINK to the Virtual GNO on your blog and have your readers join us. Send our party into the Twitter world. (#VGNO) The more the merrier! I want everyone to connect. That's what it's all about.


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  1. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I want a rock!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the idea of "Get your heart on"" Gotta love guitar guy :)

  3. Love the heart idea, so neat! Have fun at the Oregon coast! I should be there in a few weeks too :) Happy VGNO :)

  4. Love this idea! And I love Guitar Guy's great sense of humor! Gonna send you an email asap.
    Hope you're having a great time at the beach! And please have a drink for me!
    Happy GNO!

  5. I'll be a guinea pig for the great rock experiment!

    I actually have a heart shaped stone my step-son gave me that he found when we were at a park on the Potomac River.

    I asked if he maybe wanted to give it to his bio-mom when we got home & he said no. It really touched me as we didn't really had the greatest relationship.

  6. What a cool idea! I gave my boyfriend a small silver heart that says "I Love You". He keeps it in his pocket all the time. He's so sweet!
    I'll definitely send you my e-mail and address.

    Happy VGNO!

  7. Oh how I miss the West Coast! I love the Washington and Oregon Coast and miss being able to visit them on a whim! Please take lots of pictures so I can relive those moments vicariously through you! :)

    Count me in on the traveling heart rock! I'll email you with my address...have a WONDERFUL time this weekend! And Happy VGNO! :)

  8. Oh yeah, have fun. I love Oregon! I lived there for a little over a year back in the day.

  9. Ok, Ill try this again. I signed up with the VGNO, but not sure what to do.. I apologize for my website, let's just say it's organizationally challenged..I sent email and addy.. Love the Rock around the world idea!!
    Cherie @bearablescents

  10. Ok, Ill try this again. I signed up with the VGNO, but not sure what to do.. I apologize for my website, let's just say it's organizationally challenged..I sent email and addy.. Love the Rock around the world idea!!
    Cherie @bearablescents

  11. Have a great vacation!!!
    Enjoy - I can't believe we've seen you at all!

  12. I was on the road yesterday and couldn't McLinky from my Crackberry. Just wanted you to know that I didn't want to miss VGNO and ...I am looking for that heart shaped rock. Will heart shaped dog poop do?

  13. I missed VGNO!!! I am sooooo bummed! Anyway, better late than never, right? So I'm going to mosey around people's blogs fashionably late this week.

    I love your rock idea!

    I hope you are having a great time on the coast. Sounds beautiful.

    OK...I'm off to blog hop a bit.


  14. I'm sorry I missed it! I was off on a 7hour car trip. I hope you had a great weekend

  15. I missed this post (saw YaYa's post referring to it) I was out of town for a week ( a funeral then a wedding) and missed a ton of blogs and couldn't catch up! neat idea!

  16. Hey Ann! I have been on a blog strike lately but I am back in full swing!! I was wondering if you ever posted about the rock's visit with me? If so, can you send me the link? I would love to see it!! Thanks so much and I hope you are doing well! Also, I have a new blog which will become my home. Fazing out Diaries of a Neurotic Non-Trad. Please visit me at my new humble abode "My Life on the N-List at http://thenlistblog.com. Thanks!!!


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