Field Trip To The Ape Caves

Last Friday my youngest was able to immerse herself in her class study of caves. 50 Third graders, and their chaperones, headed to The Ape Caves near Mt. St. Helens, WA. This cave is the longest continuous lava tube in the continental United States. The idea of going into a deep, dark cave sounded cool. But, let me tell ya', I was so-o-o-o glad when it was over.

Lily is not-so-patiently waiting to go into the Ape Caves. (She doesn't hide her boredom well)
We're in the dark, cold, (did I mention DARK?!?) cave. If your flashlight goes out - you're outta' luck. We're in a cave!
"The Meatball". A piece of lava lodged between two shelves of lava suspended high above our heads.
Rob and Lily did a count of 3 then turned off their flashlights so I could take their picture. (It's amazing how wide your eyes get when you're in the dark. :-> )

We've made it out!
Lily gets to be "Alice In Wonderland" and go down another hole. (Oh these lucky kids! ;-> )
End of Ape Caves field trip. (Thank God!)

It was an experience I'll never forget. It's something you don't get the chance to do everyday. The kids had a great time (and I was ready for a cocktail). Isn't exploring fun? ;->

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  1. That looks scary...and awesome...but scary!

  2. Don't think I could do it, I was in Mammoth Cave in KY, and Crystal Cave here in PA, when I was a teen.... and I remember not being too fond of it!

    Brave brave Ann!

  3. Ooh, I did that in June. It was awesome.


  4. What a fun trip! We did something like that over the summer!

  5. Great photos, feel like I was almost there! ;)

  6. Looks like fun! I love caves as long as I don't think about actually being underground, yikes.

  7. Oh how very very cool!! growing up we got to go to the Coal Mines and that can get "dark" and eerie :)

  8. Wow... what a field trip.
    Don't know if I could have done it either.....

    Great shots.


  9. Aw, look at how beautiful you and Lily are!!! This does sound like fun but I think I'd be majorly claustrophobic!
    Eh, who's Rob?

    Justine :o )

  10. There is NO FREEKIN' WAY you'd get me in that cave ... well, unless there was a wine tasting inside. ;)

  11. wow those pics are amazing...my family loves caves

  12. Hey Ann! what an adventurous gal you are! Heehe, not sure if I could have done that....great photos and beautiful family! :) XOXO


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