Virtual GNO - Oprah's Everywhere, Even In My Dreams

Another week older (Thank You SO MUCH for the birthday wishes!!!) and feeling great... (and tired and sweaty and sweaty some more). Portland's back in the swing of things with the hot weather so let's break out our oscillating fans and have fun at the Virtual Girls Night Out!

Haven't done this before? Welcome! The original Virtual GNO is a blog-hopping party that I started last summer. I really needed some time away from my precious children, and some adult conversation but, I couldn't find child care. So, I did the next best thing and turned to my blog friends. I'm "virtually out" with you all!

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To join the blog-hopping fun, check out this VGNO post then sign the Mr. Linky guest book with your name/blog link. Visit fellow bloggers that have signed in. It's a party so at a party you mingle, right? Go blog-hopping! I want everyone to connect. That's what it's all about.

Time To Move!

The White Rabbits - "Percussion Gun"

I need a drum! I need a drum right now! Love this song.

Time For A Cocktail

Drum Cocktail
1/2 oz Tequila
1/2 oz Triple Sec
1 oz Apricot Brandy
1/2 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Rum
3 oz (fresh) Orange Juice
2 drops Angostura Bitters
1 dash Grenadine

Pour all ingredients into a blender with 2 - 3 ice cubes. Blend for about 10 seconds, and pour into a highball glass over 2 - 3 ice cubes. Decorate with an orange slice and two maraschino cherries. Serve in a Highball Glass.

I'll take a couple of these, thank you very much :-> This should help cool me down.

Time For A Winner!

Our fantastic friend Regina from Margarita Bloom was offering a Strawberry Angel Cake Cupcake Love Soap to one lucky VGNO guest last week, and that lucky guest was Heather at Hobsoncrew! Congratulations Heather. The VGNO guests worked very hard to win this prize. Thanks again Margarita Bloom for the giveaway. Let's congratulate Heather on Twitter "@hobsoncrew".

Time For A Question

What is one of the strangest dreams you've ever had?

Last night I had one of the weirdest dreams. I'm sure our little heat wave played a part. I dreamt that I was at Fred Meyers (a grocery store). I heard a commotion in the parking lot so I went to check it out. Who do I find? Oprah Winfrey in a cage made of cyclone fencing doing her Oprah shout, announcing that it was Fight Club time. She was telling us it was important to get our aggressions out and picked two women to get the show going.

Well, I was so upset by this that I started yelling at Oprah, telling her I thought she was horrible. How could you do this Oprah?!? How?

At this point I woke up. What the heck?!? How weird! Dear Ms. Oprah Winfrey, when you read this (she's my blog lurker, I just know it ;-> ) could you please call me? I really need to talk about this dream with you. Perhaps we could discuss it on your show? Let me know.

What is a weird dream of yours? I bet there are some doozies!!


Next Friday I will have a giveaway from a cool company. I just couldn't get myself organized this week, so please visit again next Friday and enter to win!

Alright now, go have fun! Click the Mr. Linky button to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that have signed-in. It's a party so go mingle. Go blog-hopping! That's what it's all about. Share this party with your blog friends, post A LINK to the Virtual GNO on your blog and have them join us. Send our party into the Twitter world. (#VGNO) Leave your Twitter ID in the comments section. The more the merrier! I want everyone to connect. That's what it's all about


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  1. Oprah, huh? Okay........ heehee

    I've always had "weird" dreams, especially as a child. Something was always chasing me and, of course, it was giant size. lol I can remember one, it was those bobble head chihuahua's chasing down the street, stepping on cars and houses. Maybe I was a troubled child. Most of my childhood dreams were more like nightmares: everyone dying in an accident except me, being chased, falling.....if you analyzed them now, I guess I had issues. heehee
    Happy VGNO.

  2. that darn Oprah, she's always starting a fight! j/k :)

    love the video, my dad is a drummer i'm going to have to e-mail him that. have a great weekend and happy VGNO!

  3. i left my link on the mr. linky thing and it seems to not be showing up. SO just in case it's not working again i'll leave my blog link here :)


  4. Cute dream about Oprah. I don't remember my dreams much. I remember breathing underwater when I was a kid. I thought I was going to drown, then I breathed in and it was OK. Weird. Happy belated Birthday!!!!

  5. Hi!!!
    So glad to be back at GNO... missed you lots those two weeks!
    Cute dream! Lately I haven't been remembering mine at all. :(
    Happy GNO!

  6. LOL your dream was wild! maybe that's Oprah 2050..LOL have a wonderful weekend honey

  7. Never had Oprah in my dreams but last night I dreamt I left the cat in the car for 24 hours. I found her asleep on my husband's dry cleaning and my only concern was that she might have shed on his clothes. (I really do love my cat, honest!!)

    Oh, having a super cool giveaway this week.

  8. So funny. I have weird dreams all the time. Glad someone finally had the nerve to put Oprah in her place - ha ha ha

  9. Hey honey. It's been a long time I know. I miss VGNO. But since my blog is not private I guess it makes sense. Hope everyone has a great time.

  10. That is a strange dream! I don't remember my dreams much!

    Happy VGNO!

  11. Oprah? Haha! I ALWAYS have the same dream where we have to move from our house we live in now. The cops then find a dead body in our basement and think my husband did it, but I know he did not... WEIRD!! Happy VGNO! :)

  12. Mmmm... I've had so many weird dreams. Especially when I was pregnant. One involved Tom Selleck but I won't get into that now. ;)

    Happy VGNO!

  13. Strangest dream this week, my husband morphed into Jon from Jon & Kate plus 8. He just said he was done with me & the kids & left. I was trying to do all the normal stuff I do, but it was just so sad.

    I mentioned it to him & we both laughed because that's totally not him.

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  14. Sorry I wasn't around last week! Happy late Birthday!

    My weirdest dream was my very first nightmare that I remembered when I was about 5. It was of a midget lady chasing me and trying to bite my ear off. Seriously. It was really scary. I'm still traumatized by it.

  15. Oprah cool! I had a dream that starred Tom Hanks.

    Stopping by for VGNO!

    Be sure to stop by both.


  16. I love your wild dream!! Mine are tame compared to that...most I can't remember and I haven't been dreaming much lately... :)

    Happy VGNO! It's good to be back...I've missed the partying! :)

  17. Only in a dream would someone dare yell at Oprah! LOL, that's a crazy one!

    Happy VGNO!

  18. Weird dream. Dreaming of Oprah and fighting would be strange.

  19. That is one crazy dream! I don't know if I can come up with anything that can match that. I have had dreams where I am trying to find somebody, dreams of being in disasters, dreams of being unprepared...sounds like a bunch of bad dreams! Maybe I just don't remember the good ones. I think sometimes I wake up and I remember a dream but within a short time, I can't recall it at all. Weird, no? Well, happy VGNO Ann! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!

  20. Ugh...I'm supposed to be at VBS but instead I'm home with sick, vomiting kiddos....I'll be stopping by blogs later...promise

  21. Hm...the weirdest dream I ever had was one in which my uncle & my brother (both deceased) were in it and actually told me they were ok. It was the "realest" feeling dream I ever had!

    Happy VGNO!

  22. I think the weirdest dreams I've had are the ones I've had while pregnant. I remember I think it was my second pregnancy I woke up startled because I was breastfeeding my cat and they wouldnt' let me take her to the hospital to meet the baby?

  23. Okay, that is a seriously weird dream. do you have a/c in your house, or is your brain frying in your sleep?

    Justine :o )

  24. Hey let me tell you I have some pretty weird dreams too but you dear beat me to heck and back!

    Happy VGNO.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Interesting dream about Oprah! I had one about Michael Jackson a week ago, it was a pretty weird one...

    This is my blog:

    Would love to hear your opinions about the tips and ideas for unique and special gifts I have been posting lately.
    Hope to see you there!


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