Anyone Bring Ice Cubes?

Our area has been having some high temperatures and, let me tell you, we are not a "hot-weather-people". I refer you to my version of the Journal of the American Medical Association, "Native Oregonian's Sweat At 80 Degrees."

My girls and I caught a break when we were invited to a birthday party. The mother accommodated the need for heat relief and planned the party at an Aquatic Park. It was a bit of a drive, but who cares! We gathered the kids in our cars, cranked up the A.C. and headed to the pool.

After parking the car we walked quickly into the building. We were so excited. We followed the balloons to the party room and had the cake and ice cream as fast as we could. Let's get in that water!

Upon opening the doors to the pool we were hit with a wave of hot air. Not surprising though, there's bound to be a little humidity. As the first drip of sweat ran down my face I soon realized that this was not a little humidity though, this was an all out sauna. What the heck?

At this point the manager informs us that the buildings air-conditioning system has broken down. Noooooo!!!!!

The water felt as hot as the air around it. The air surrounding the pool was as humid as the air outside. And the sweat dripping from under my breasts was beginning to puddle at my feet. I felt like the Wicked Witch of the West during menopause. "I'm melting!!!"

But to look on the bright side, my skin hasn't "glowed" like this since I was 9. Ah, the price I'll pay for beauty.

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  1. I guess we have to pay for everything today even for beauty that actually is free if beauty count from the heart :)

  2. That sounds horrible - I hate the heat too!

  3. Oooh. I don't do well with heat and humidity either! And at a water park no less? Oh, the shame!

  4. I just want to tell you, W.T.M.I. (And the sweat dripping from under my breasts was beginning to puddle at my feet).

    I can already tell I am going to have bad dreams, quite possibly a nightmare or three, and get no rest for the next 6.4 days. I would say 7 but I will be up late tonite studying for my algebra exam tomorrow.

    And just so you know... I will not be able to look at your blog the same again! ;)

    Later tater.

  5. Haha - the Wicked Witch of the East during menopause! Not pleasant!

  6. Well when you're already wet you might as well get wetter?

  7. oh, no, that's a shame. not refreshing at all!

    fyi, since you had your "dream" VGNO, I have dreamed and remembered a bizzaro dream... involving big white, dancing cats, with multi bright colored polka dots. I did not drink or eat anything strange last night!

  8. You are such a wuss. You could never cut it down here in swampy-aired FL. And this was an indoor pool?

    Justine :o )

  9. oh man, I am sweating and having a hard time breathing just THINKING about this.

  10. Ick, I'd take a cold shower and call it good! Great picture painted with your words!!

  11. Very funny!
    I hate to sweat like that.

  12. We live in Michigan so this Summer so far has been cool ;)

    Thank you for visiting my Blog. If you make the Sage & Pasta, check out the other pasta dishes w/herbs, you just toss the hot pasta on top - no brainer... but impressive ;)

    Let me know if you need any help at anytime ;)

    Happy Summer!

    Karen B.


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