Virtual GNO - Summer Vaca & A Giveaway!

The best part of summer vacation is sleeping in. Oh yeah baby, now we're talkin'! I can't tell you the joy it gives me to know that I don't need to be "up-and-at-'em" every morning. There is definitely a difference between just having to get yourself together to go to work and getting children up and ready for the day. We can relax with the morning challenge for a few months now. Ya-hoo!

Hey! I know, let's celebrate with a Virtual Girls Night Out!

New guest? Welcome! The original Virtual GNO is a blog-hopping party that began in the summer of 2008. I couldn't get a sitter and was in desperate need for time away from my children and some adult conversation. I decided to do the next best thing and turned to my blog friends. At least I can "get out" in my imagination.

To join the blog-hopping fun, check out my VGNO post then sign the Mr. Linky guest book with your name and blog link. Visit fellow bloggers that have signed in. It's a party so at a party you mingle, right? Go blog-hopping! I want everyone to connect. That's what it's all about.

Time To Dance!

George Michael "Freedom"

I always wanted to wrap my hair in a towel and whip it up like Cindy Crawford does. And those legs?! Man. Oh well, maybe in another life. In this one I'm working on just stopping my thighs from rubbing together when I walk.

Time For A Cocktail!

1.5 oz. Bacardi Limon Rum
1/2 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur
1/2 oz. Blue Curacao
Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

I try to stay away from blue drinks, but I'll give this a try. (But maybe that's the point with this drink being called "Supermodel". Drink the blue drink, get sick, *poof* no calories! )

Time For A Question

Has anyone ever told you you looked like someone famous? I have friends who I think look like so-and-so but no one has ever told me I look like a celebrity, etc. When I was young I had the Kristy McNichol look going, but that was about it. What about you?

Time For A Giveaway!

Our new friend Julie from Skin Free Skincare Products is going to share one $30 Gift Certificate with one lucky VGNO guest this week! I've tried their products and honestly, truly I really like them. There is no fragrance added but the natural oils give a delicious scent. I absolutely love it! These products are workin' for me and I'll be giving a full review on my site Ann Again... and again Reviews next week.

But for now, lets see who wants to win the $30 Skin Free gift certificate!

1) Go to the Skin Free website (http://www.skinfree.net/) and find a product/products that interest you. Come back here and let me know which product/products in the comment section. *One Entry*
2) Announce the VGNO Skin Free giveaway on Twitter. (Let me know. I'll check) *One Entry*

Winner will be chosen using Random.org on Thursday, June 25th. US Only. Good Luck!

Alright now, go have fun! Sign in with Mr. Linky. If Mr. Linky isn't working please leave your blog link in the comments section below to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that sign-in. It's a party so go mingle. Go blog-hopping! That's what it's all about. Share this party with your blog friends, post A LINK to the Virtual GNO on your blog and have them join us. Send our party into Twitter world. (#VGNO) Leave your Twitter ID in the comments section. The more the merrier! I want everyone to connect. That's what it's all about.


*Be Kind To Your Fellow Blogger No Cutting and Pasting Please*

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  1. Hey there Ann! :) We're loving that sleeping in thing too! And we're even starting to be healthy over here. As for celebrities...when I was a kid, a little old lady thought I was Brooke Shields, maybe it was the bushy eye brows. And in the past few years, I'm surprised to the point where it's kind of embarrassing, that people come up to me & tell me I look like Jennifer Garner. OK, now I know this shouldn't be embarrassing, but it really has happened a lot. I just wish it was true, maybe all these people are drinking the same kool aid, they ask me if anyone's ever said that before, I feel weird, so I say, NO.... I'd love to have her body or even her trainer for a while! I am flattered, it's just kind of strange for me!

  2. Hi Ann, I've bee told I look like Julia Roberts. Not a chance. Clearly, she's the one with the acting gig. Anyway, I love that video. Thanks for the memories. I also checked out the skincare website. There are so many things to like but I'm choosing the Super Moisture Body Balm.
    Have a great VGNO!

  3. Whaaa....I don't look like anyone but myself ;(
    Be sure to come by my site to vote on Jon and Kate :)

    Happy VGNO

  4. Hi Ann! I put up a picture of Meredith Baxter Birney on my blog post. See if you think she looks like me.

  5. I've been told I look like Mayim Bialik (of Blossom Fame...)...who knows? At the risk of sounding greedy I'd love to get the Skin Renewal System...I could use some renewing lol...Happy VGNO!!

  6. what a great idea.. who do or did, people say you look like?!

    I used to be told I looked like Shelly Long.. except since i am "short" my hubby nicknamed me Shelly Short!

    Hey.. Happy VGNO!

  7. Happy VGNO Ann!

    Nope no one ever told me I looked like anyone famous!

    Sleeping in? Well, I have to admit, I do get to sleep in a bit more now that we don't have all of the pets and one little Yorkie who thought 4am was a good time to have breakfast! I am loving this summer in particular because I am back HOME, and I am not having to work! First time in 30 YEARS, I have had a summer off! I will be working part time on Fridays at my friends salon though, but that will be FUN! Speaking of salon.

    The skin free products look great, and I am all about trying new, good for you products. I think I would try the
    Spa Scrub Power Pak -

  8. I tweeted!

  9. OK..since I want to enter for the Giveaway.. the product I am most interest in is: Skin Free Firming Matrix Creme for Face... I need this product!

    I did not leqave my link in my VGNO comment.. so will put it here..


    I will cross my fingers!

  10. I actually loved to watch old Audrey Hepburn movies. I was a dancer LOL

    I love masks, I'd have to try out the
    Green Clay Mask for Blemish Prone Skin

    Happy VGNO!

  11. I think I'd like the "About Face Power Pack"!

    And I love any drink with blue caracao! Reminds me of our honeymoon!

    TGIF and Happy VGNO!

  12. I slept in till 9 today - hellloooo HEAVEN!!!! Well, I am off to finish packing. Truck comes Monday and trailer comes tomorrow for all the boxes. HALP!!!

    Happy VGNO my purty friend!!

  13. First, I must say that I still loooove that video and now as then must be alone when I watch it so that I could pretend to be every one of those impossibly beautiful women. These days, my kids tell me I look like Monique Coleman (from HS Musical) - since she's cute and about 15 years younger than me, I'll take it.

  14. I'd like the Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar.

    I tweeted too here:


    After the day I had I need one of those super model drinks.

    Happy VGNO!

  15. Hi Ann!

    I'll be in and out doing stuff with the kids but I'll check back in every now and then!

    No one has ever told me that I look like anyone famous. And I don't think I do either. There's only one of me baby.

    I'm likin the Spa Scrub Power Pak. I have a thing for scrubs. Soothing.

    Gonna go tweet it now.

  16. Here's my tweet...


    My twitter ID is tatminimom

  17. Happy VGNO Ann! I get to party tonight - I have internet! WooHoo! :)

    I was checking out the Skin Free website the other day - I would love to try About Face Power Pack...sounds intriguing! :)

    Off to make dinner, then I'll be back to do some party blog-hopping! :)

  18. When I was a teen and had longer hair, people thought I resembled the singer "Tiffany". Remember her?

    I would like to try the Spa Scrub Power Pak.

  19. Oh! I just tweeted about the giveaway here:


  20. I tweeted your giveaway: @SereneMoments

    I also just tweeted an "invite"

  21. Happy VGNO! Been looking forward to this ALL week!

    Like the Sweet & Smooth Sugar Scrub

  22. I want to try the Spa Power Pak!! Going to get my post up for tonight and then I wil Tweet.. Be back!!

  23. I would like to try the clay mask for blemish prone skin, both for myself, but primarily my 14 yr old Daughter. I probably would not do the soap, as I handmake that myself..

  24. I tweeted the contest and VGNO


  25. The butter creme sounds pretty decadent to me! Great giveaway!

    The 90s were all about Cindy, weren't they? Have you seen pix of her lately? She still looks amazing. Sigh.

    So, Kristy MacNichol, huh? Guess you are I had the tomboy thing going on as kids because.... I was always told I looked like Jo from the Facts of Life. Yeeeeeah. Nancy McKeon anyone? Well, at least we would have been good friends hanging out on our dirt bikes! :)

    Happy Friday! Happy GNO!

  26. Stopping by for VGNO! Hope you have a great weekend.


  27. Happy VGNO! I wish I could sleep in. We had the great idea to enroll son in Kid's College. I'm looking forward to August :-)

    The skin care product I liked most was the Green Clay Mask.

    Have a great wknd...

  28. I am all about sleeping in...when my daughter lets me. lol! This VGNO party game was fun!

  29. PS...I'm glad you don't think I'm anti-social and that I have a lot to say--Is that a good thing?! 8-)

  30. This is my first VGNO!! My post is up, I've linked with Mr Linky and I'm about to tweet about the Skin Free Giveaway. I'm @Kekibird on twitter.

    I'm really impressed with the nature of this skin care line. All natural and vegan? Awesome. The Spa Scrub Power Pak sounds incredible.

    Man could I use a spa day!!

    And I've got up a picture of my superstar doppelganger. I don't think I look like her but I've been told it most of my adult life.

  31. I can't win but I want to wanted to stop in and say "hi!" :)


    I've never been told I look like anyone other them my mom.

  32. I finally made it this wek! :-)

  33. Ann--You've done it again. I always look forward to Fridays now. I have been told I look like Grace Kelly...I put a side-by-side comparison on my site so people can judge for themselves. There's a link there to a site where you can make your own side-by-side either using their photos or uploading your own. Pretty cool! Have a great weekend--Happy VGNO!!! :)

  34. OK I will party a little tonight after kids are in bed but for the meanwhile I can say the celebrities I have been told I look like are Alicia Silverstone and then occasionally the young version of Loretta Swit. Yeah, go put those two ladies together in your head. What a night mare.

  35. Oh oh, I forgot, I have George Michaels Listen without Prejudice in my cd player right now. :)

  36. Oh the skin renewal system looks like a great combo pack...

    Well for those that don't have to get up I am jealous. My middle son has summer school for the month of June and for July and August has a reading program he goes to daily.... Sigh.... I still have to get up early.... No Fair!!

  37. Hi Ann! Happy VGNO =)

    I have been told many times that I look like Martina McBride, the country singer. She is gorgeous, so that is fine by me! lol

    I would love to try the Lite Moisture Cream for Daily Use. I have been looking for something natural like this for a long time!

  38. I would like to the about face power pac.

    I hope you are having a great VGNO I am running late tonight since I had to take golfergirl to the golf course tonight. They now have glow balls so they can play at night. What are they going to think of next.

  39. I don't look like anyone, really, but my nose is definitely indicative of a love child between Uma Thurman and Alan Alda.

    Happy VGNO!

  40. Sure. People tell me all the time that I look like someone famous - Danny DeVito. You don't think that is bad, do you?
    So, that leads me to the fact that I NEED that face firming creme. Badly.

  41. Hi! nice to meet you I'm your newest follower I love the VGNO thing! I'd love to participate..I went to the skinfree site this look so cool, my kids have exzema, so this interests me.the product that caught my eye was Super Moisture Butter Creme.. :) XOXO

  42. Hi Ann,

    I missed VGNO but made it for the giveaway! I need the green clay mask- I'm 39 but I still breakout like a teenager!

    Hope you had a great time with the VGNO, see you for the next one.

  43. Hi Ann! I am "tagging" you in a fun photo game. Play along...all the cool kids are doing it! :)

  44. Hi, I'm Brenda from thechacogirl.blogspot.com.
    Love your giveaway, the Spa Scrub Power Pak sounds great! Hugs,from Paraguay


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