Phase One - Sex Ed.

Preparing for the first class of Sex Ed. went pretty well. The problem is, my daughter just isn't interested in "What's that for? Why does this happen?" It's more like "My friend said this and it's just gross!!!"

While my oldest daughter and I were having our serious phase one of the Sex Ed. conversation in our garden her little sister, who is 8, was sneeking up to the windows and slowly opening them, thinking we couldn't hear the metal sliding against each other.

During the explanation about the man/woman connection I heard a giggle from the open window. That sent my oldest screaming, "Lily! Leave us alone!"

Phase one of the Sex Ed. conversation was over and my youngest came outside and said "I want to know everything you just told Katie". I said, 'Well, we were talking about sexual intercourse.' She screamed "YUCK! NO!" and took the book that I had been using as a guide and leafed through the pages. "Here" she said. "I want to talk about "Healthy Choices - The Food Pyramid".

That, my dear, will be a piece of cake.

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  1. HeeHee! Siblings!

    If you would stop by my blog: lageanellis.blogspot.com
    I have left an award for you!

  2. OMG, hysterical!!!! So what happened? She had the thing at school and then still had a bazillion questions? Too funny about Lily wanting to know about the food pyramid! ROFL

    Justine :o )

  3. Oh dear...I see my future here!

    Seriously, have I told you lately what an incredible Mom you are? It's fantastic that you will be there for your daughter the way your mother was for you. You have created such a warm and loving environment where your daughters feel safe to talk about anything (even the food pyramid!!).

    Now...pass the merlot! ;)

  4. How funny. Yes, the food pyramid discussion is a tad bit easier:)

  5. I hope whenever we get to this phase in our lives that I will be able to talk about it. I remember being so embarrassed by it when I was little, I never wanted to talk about it with my mom. But she did have a book about it that she left out where I could find it. I used to sneak it out of the bookcase. Now, I am pretty sure she knew exactly what was going on. Clever mommy! ;-)

  6. I don't envy you right now! I asked my 9 yr old if she wanted to know how babies were made. She looked right at me and very clearly said: "Nope, I really don't want to know."

    Whew....off the hook! (although judging by her response, she must have an idea...). But I am not going to rock that boat for awhile...

  7. LOL, that's funny. It's good that your girls know you'll talk to them about it if they want. My mom never did and it makes the subject a little awkward now that I'm an adult.


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