Virtual GNO - And A Giveaway!

Hey! How's it goin'? It's Friday and I'm oh-so-glad. My girls had appointments at the dentist yesterday and I think I was dreading it more than they were. I had bad experiences when I was young and I should just let go, but the sound of that drill?!? Yikes! I believe we all deserve a little fun. How about some blog-hopping fun? :-> And, because we are so darn lucky, a Giveaway from our beautiful friend Robin at Cinnamon and Honey!

This is our Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too). Our social party without having to get out of our footie p.j.'s. We're here to blog-hop and play. The Virtual GNO is your chance to hang out with blog friends and hopefully make some new friends as well! So sign Mr. Linky below and join in the fun!

Time For Music!

Did you know that Sunday is International Women's Day? Yeah for us! I found a song that helps to celebrate us all. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Oren Lavie "Her Morning Elegance"

(That stop-motion can be a bit much. But it's still so cool! It's my new favorite :-> )

Time For A Cocktail!

Hey, daylight savings time begins Sunday. Woot! Woot! I love having more daylight but I don't like losing an hour of sleep. (I just love sleeping. And naps. I miss them both. Maybe when the girls move out. :-> ) I'm in the mood for something that makes me hopeful for warm weather.

Absolut Summertime Recipe

1 1/2 oz Citrus Vodka
1/2 oz Sprite
1 slice Lemon
3 oz Soda Water
3/4 oz Sweet and Sour Mix

Add all ingredients except lemon to shaker filled with ice. Cover and shake vigorously. Strain contents into ice filled collins glass. Garnish with lemon.
(You can easily make this non-alcoholic and it would still be fun)

Time For A Party Game!

Since this is Women's History Month : "Woman - In One Word"

If your first name begins with the letter A - E describe women in one word beginning with the letter W. Since I'm Ann I will proudly shout "WONDERFUL!" Follow the chart to see which letter you will use.

A - E = W
F - J = O
K - O = M
P - T = A
U - Z = N

Get out your Thesauruses! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Time For A Giveaway!

How lucky are we that our gorgeous blog-friend Robin from Cinnamon and Honey has shared with the Virtual GNO crowd a fantastic assortment of her hand made cards. Take a look at her creations on the video below:

Now, we would like everyone to have these. Her handmade treasures are available at her Etsy shop. However, a lucky Virtual GNO participant will win all 4 of these cards with envelopes to match. Here's what you do:

1) Go to Robin's Etsy shop,look through her collection and pick your favorite design.
2) Return to this VGNO party and leave the title of your favorite in my comments.
3) Winner will be chosen by Random.Org on Monday, March 9th.

I can personally vouch for the high quality of Robin's cards. (I was a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator for 7 years :-> ). Her cards are great. Yeah Hand Made!!!

That should get us all going for a great Virtual GNO. Go have fun! Sign Mr. Linky below to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that sign-in! Go blog-hopping! That's what it's all about. And I would love to meet your blog friends. Post A LINK to our party on your blog and hopefully they will join us:-> Go check out Robin's shop cinnamonandhoney.etsy.com. Have fun!

***** And please remember to be kind to your fellow blogger *****

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  1. How cute those cards are...and how yummy the drink looks! I am headed to NY tonight and my flight doesn't get in til 930 so I think I won't be settled into the hotel til about 1030ish---which might give me a shot at making the party!!!

    Have fun...I'll try to stop in. Sending you a virtual bottle of pear vodka....try a pear martini sometime. Delicious!

  2. What a great idea! Now where's the bar? ;-)

  3. Ok I have to admit...I'm a VGNO virgin. I'll try and keep up!! Looking forward to hanging out with everyone!

  4. Oh Ann...that drink recipe sounds sooo yummy, and I could soo use a night out!
    I love all the things in Robin's shop, but my fav is the pink and purple pinwheels.

  5. We're having a birthday party tonight so I'm not sure how much party hopping I will get to do.

  6. Hey Ann,
    Happy Friday!!!
    Such a cute blog you have. I love Robin's cards too. They are all so cute; I don’t think I could choose.
    Well, time for me to go plan diner ...with wine of coarse.

  7. I am hoping to make it back sometime today. We have the craziest schedule. A load of kids are going to be dropped off at my house any minute now!
    So my letter is an "A".

    Us women are Absolutely Amazing!

    I know, not to creative. It is just the fastest thing I could think of?

  8. Hi Ann,
    You're blog is so much fun. I love your idea of a GNO. In fact next week I am planning a ladies night out but we all go to the movies to watch chick flicks, this way we don't have to drag our husbands with or torture them with the dvd. Anyways, thanks for making a comment on my blog. The blogging world is so much different now then what it was like 7 years ago.

  9. Ok I finally read through the giveaway rules and realized I had to leave my entry with my comment. Opps!
    Well these are lovely cards. Since I love flowers and always seem to be sending out Thank you cards to friends and family, I would choose the Pink Petal Thanks.
    Thanks Robin for sharing your cards!

    Mama Snow

  10. We're having company tonight so I don't know when or if I'll make it tonight, but I'll definitely pop in this weekend.

    And love the cards. I'm not a super frilly person so the "hot pink flowers" really speak to me. Flowers but not flowery, iykwim.

    Have fun tonight ladies.


  11. Ohh I love the Pink and Purple Pinwheels card. too cute!

    Ann let me know if I do the GNO wrong or something, never done it before :-/

    OK so my letter is M...

    Mooli: a large white radish (some days i feel like that)

    Morate: a salt of moric acid (mom's can bring the venom sometimes too)

    ok how about this one,

    Mutifarious: having many aspects!

    Yup that last one world perfect :)

    and thanks for sharing the great video, i love finding new artists!!

  12. Adorable cards. I love the "Smile Crocodile!"

  13. i know i sound like a dope, just remind me... so is there a time i am supposed to start visiting everyone? and do i tell them i'm from the VGNO?

  14. Hi to the hostess with the mostess!
    I love it! I love it! You're the best! Happy Friday and Happy GNO!!!

  15. I have to say it's my first time! It is 10 pm where I am and I was thinking of pouring up a little vodka tonic. Now I'll make it in the Virtual GNO's honor!

    I can't wait to meet some new people. I found this fun event via Robin at Cinnamon and Honey - thee of the awesome cards!

  16. I love the purple flowers card =)

    I had such a blast last week at my first VGNO, I am back (well, will be back on later tonight, after DS goes to bed!) See y'all later!

  17. TGIF...

    Lil Daisies cards are so cute.

  18. TGIF!!

    I just love the Lil Daisies cards. I could use them for many different things. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Hey Ann, and happy Friday to you! If I wanted to sign Mr. Linky (OmG, I just wrote mr. Kinky and had to delete) do I have to put up a specific party post or can it be anything?
    Okay, my name starts with J, so my letter to describe women is O.

    Women are... Obsessively Orgasmic
    Okay, that was two words, but it need it a bit more punch.

    Justine :o )

  20. Dammit. Was my letter thing supposed to be on a linky post? Or a kinky post? Hey, that'd be more fitting with the word I used.

    Justine :o )

  21. TGIF!!

    Thanks for the giveaway. I really like the Lil Daisies cards. I could use them for many different things.

  22. Little Cupcakes 2

    Those are so cute. What a great artist.

  23. Thank you so much for stopping by my site today...from Jen's Twitters...loved the long explanation. ;)

    The post I wrote made me a nervous wreck...I appreciated your comment.

    Can't wait to take a look around your site!

  24. Happy VGNO! Love the cards - I'd have to choose the purple flowers because purple is the Princess Nagger's favorite color and she insists those are the best... ;)

  25. Hi Ann, I'm sooo ready for the weekend and VGNO!

    JAM = O = Openhearted, (kindly and generous)

    I checked out Robin's cards. Very cute. My favorite: "Pink Petal Thanks" I'm always needing thank you cards!

    BTW.... you don't mind if we come to your house tonight for a virtual movie night do you? I invited everyone!

  26. All the cards are cute!

    I have the house all to myself for an hour and I'm ready for a drink!

    My letter is also W. My word would be Warrior as in Zena the Warrior Princess!

    Party on!

  27. TGIF! Happy VGNO Ann!

    Yay Robin's Etsy! Congrats!
    I love the courage card!

    Okay, my word would be a W since my (real) name is Alicia so I choose "Wild!"

  28. I adore the "Thank Ewe"....it's just too cute! She is very talented and creative :O) Thanks for the chance to win!!!


  29. ann,
    ok, this is gonna come out sounding rude, but whatev.
    Maybe next week's VGNO can have a disclaimer note that ppl should post something new, like a Friday post. I'm clicking on all these blogs and seeing old posts...blah.

  30. Okay, the party got started with out me, but I'm here. I may have to run out and get some new jammies though (and a bottle of VODKA).

    Okay, the cards are very cute. I'm going to say my favs are the colorful pinwheels.

    I'm feeling MAH-Velous that it's FRIDAY.

  31. I can't party all night - but I look forward to mingling amongst you many wonderful bloggers as this is my first GNO.

    Ok, I'm off to work the 'room'.

  32. Ok, so I posted a reply - but after spilling my party drink on my shirt I forgot to hit publish.

    I can't stay to party all night - but I am looking forward to mingling amongst all you wonderful bloggers. This is my first VGNO and I'm excited to be here.

    Ok, I'm off to work the 'room'.

  33. It got up to 80 degrees here today and I've been complaining about the cold all week- can't complain anymore-

    And I think I have all the ingredients to make that drink- if my next comment has many spelling errors- you will know I approve!

  34. Thank goodness I made it! Need that drink with all the drama today! Woot-hoot

  35. I love the Pink Petal birthday card!

    Time to mingle!

  36. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday night. I love your party, it is always so much fun.

    Please enter me in the giveaway. My favourite is Pink Petal Birthday.


  37. this is our second time here!!

    As for the cards, I love the lil daisies one. :)

    Hop on by for a visit! :)

  38. woo hoo, the party is rocking. Lots of YUMMY men at the Drive-In. I'm snacking on Sushi from Tar-get wearing my new white T and capri "sweats"... couldn't find any cute jammies.

  39. Cute cards by Robin. Thanks for the reminder of Daylight Savings. I hate losing an hour, too! And, thanks for another great drink!

    We're giving away a $25 Coco-Zen gift cert at Boutique Flair.

    Had to do my Fri night hop over to GNO! Have a good one!

  40. My name starts with an M...so I'm going to say Marvelous!

    I love the pink petal...please enter me.

    Be kind...I'm a GNO Virgin!



  41. Happy VGNO! Thanks for the party!

    I'm digging these colorful pinwheels but they are all terrific! Enjoy your weekend!

  42. I love the Thank Ewe cards. They are so adorable. And hey I have a giveaway going on at my place.

  43. I love the Courage card, that lion is adorable. Wouldn't these be great for when you have a little one with a big Dr appointment coming up, or a test they're worried about?

    Hey ladies, I have truffles up on my blog for VGNO. Okay, it's a RECIPE for truffles, but if my husband can make them, you know they're easy! Wish I could have wine for ya, too :)

    Thanks for the hard work, Ann! This is fun!

  44. Happy Friday!

    My letter is 'W'=Wisdom

    I took a peek at the cards. They are soooo cute. I like the Pink and Purple Pinwheels.

    After a long week this drink will come in handy.

  45. Ann, Ann the party machine, just kidding! I had too much wine tonight. Robin's cards are beautiful and she is such a sweetie! I like all of her cards but love the courage one, right now I think we all need a bit of that!


  46. I just adore her designs. I really love the Pink Petal birthday cards. The colors and design just blend so well.

    I'm so glad its Friday :). Yay.

  47. I like the pink flower birthday card!

  48. Just discovered your blog--I love little cupcakes!

  49. I like the Small Pinwheels card

    contact me at:

  50. super cute!!! I love the smile crocodile!

  51. Happy Friday! I'm new here so I've got to check out some of the other ladies. Although I see a few commenter's who I do know!! But I am liking the floral congrats card. It's really CUTE! And I am a flower loving kind of gal.

  52. I'm so happy I found the VGNO what a great idea! My blog is fairly new and it was great to get some traffic to it. I've got a drink in one hand and I'm off to do some blog hopping.

  53. I am so late tonight, but I'll try to fit in LOL

    Cool giveaway!!! I love every one of those cards :)

  54. Love all the cards, but the daisy thank you ones are too cute! :)

  55. Missed the party, but I will be back next friday night :)

  56. W= How about Wise, worthy, and witty! I am going to have to try that drink recipe!

  57. Came here from Hangin with Angela Coopers...a day late it seems!! Maybe next week. Nice blog here!

  58. Funtastically Fabulous!!!! I love the purple flower cards because this lassie loves her some purple :)

    The bevie of the evening sounds delicious! I am saving that for a summer evening on the deck!!



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