Virtual GNO - Super Bowl XLIII Edition

There's going to be a football game this Sunday. Have you heard about it? ;-> I live in Oregon and we don't have a professional team. I'm sure that's why I'm apathetic to the hype. However, I love any occasion that brings out the chips and dip so, Yeah! Super Bowl XLIII! Whoo-Hooo!!!

My husband is from Chicago so he's as excited as any Bears fan would be about this years game. ("Oh. Is There a game? Uh.") However he does make fantastic Wings and I can't wait to get my hands on 'em! I allow myself a calorie-count-free-day for the Super Bowl. Potato chips, wings, dip. Yummmm.... Once a year. I can do this once a year. The Super Bowl is all about food as far as I'm concerned. Anyone else?

This is a Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too :-> ), a social evening without having to get out of our cozy pajamas. We are here to visit other blogs and play. The Virtual GNO is a way of meeting up with bloggers you know, and make some new friends as well. So sign Mr. Linky below and join in the fun!

Time For Some Music!

I'm eagerly awaiting the new U2 album (That's right. I said album.) They were part of the Half-Time entertainment in 2002. (Amazing job honoring Sept. 11th victims.) Here's a little something to tide me over until the album comes out. *look closely at the crowd scenes*

U2 "Window In The Skies"
One of my all-time favorite videos. Fantastic work.

Time For A Cocktail!

"Smoothie With A Kick"
Frozen Berries
Coconut Milk
Pineapple Juice
Club Soda
Dark Rum
Crushed Ice

Preparation: Get out your blender and mix the ingredients to your liking. A little more of this, a tad more of that. YUM!!!

Time For A Party Game!

"I Will. I Won't. I Wish".
*answer these questions with the first letter of your last name*

~I Will: Have more laughs with my children
~I Won't: Have trouble eating chips & dip this Sunday ;->
~I Wish: Human-kind would be just that, more Human and more Kind.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

OK now, have fun at our Virtual GNO. Sign Mr. Linky to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that sign-in! Go blog-hopping! And I would love to meet your blog friends. Post our party on your blog and hopefully they will join us:-> Have fun!

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  1. It's hard to answer questions when your name starts with J but I've had a couple of smoothies so I'll give it a go:

    ~I Will: Join in more
    ~I Won't: Jump off a cliff
    ~I Wish: Jellybean cocktails were available everywhere

    I have a bunch of blogs so I'm just listing the book blog right now.

    Thanks for the fun time at the party!

  2. Hi Ann... a little quiet tonight. Hopefully the evening will pick up. The drink that you listed looks yummy. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hey Ann!
    Happy Friday!
    Not much of a superbowl fan (I watched last year since my beloved Tom Petty played the half time show) but I am sure I will catch part of the game.
    I loved your WISH... so well put! And as usual, the drink sounds yummy. :)
    Off to mingle!

  4. Happy GNO! I loove U2. Lol I was just reading your post about the Doctors. I watch it sometimes...it can be gross! Dr. Travis is sooo cute. He was dating Carrie Underwood for awhile. Omg I can't imagine having him as a Dr. Lol...

    Thanks for spreading the happy, B!F! word! :) You rock, Ann! Happy GNO! I'm catching that cold that is going around so going to eat some ice cream & get to bed :)

  5. Hi Ann--what a cool concept! A Virtual Girls Night Out on blogs. Fun!

    I Will: Sleep as late as possible tomorrow morning.

    I Won't: Sit near anymore sick people. (I've been sick almost all week.)

    I Wish: Someone would give me $500 million.

  6. I had to take a break and now I am back.

    I will: sit and relax tonight! ;)

    I won't: subsitute sweets for health (Well I will try!)

    I wish: snow would go away! (Not my last name but the white stuff that makes it soooo cold!)

  7. Hi girls!!! I am SO behind in my blogs this week. There are over 300 posts in my reader, AH! I had jury duty and have been offline ALL week almost! I've been going crazy inside but I'll catch up and read and comment soon!!! I'm going to skip VGNO this week since I'm so behind but I'm SO excited for next week!!!! :D

  8. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for the invite! I'm still learning my way around the #gno concept but hope to catch on quickly.
    Sue K
    Model Me Kids

  9. I'm here... fashionably late! The day has been crazy! I posted these on my blog too, but I will put them here..

    I will kiss my daughter good night.. we had a rough start to the day, but in the end it as ALL good.

    I will not KNIT a sweater this weekend (or probably every)

    I wish my Kid would be more helpful around the house.

  10. I'm more baseball fan than football but I always watch the stupor bowl for the commercials!

  11. Can't wait to see all those superbowl ads! Have a great weekend Ann! Tomorrow's Jake's 1st BDay, so we've got lot's of family stuff all day....I think I'll be needing a few cosmos by superbowl time!!! :)

  12. What a fabulous idea. The only reason for the Superbowl is commercials and music at half-time. I'm happy that it's Springsteen this year.
    Also very happy for the U2 video - I love them so much. Thanks for throwing the party. Wish I had been awake last night!

  13. I missed it! How did I let that happen? This real life just keeps on getting in my blogging way. Maybe next time!

  14. I Will: Take time to say I'm sorry and I love you
    I Won't: Track everything I eat - moo ah ha ha
    I Wish: That my children have happy and healthy lives

  15. Rats! I missed GNO. But I'll play anyway.

    I will: Earn one new friend by being a better friend myself.

    I won't: Ever take for granted the fact that I have an amazing family.

    I wish: Even for a moment to see my mother one last time.

  16. I cannot believe I missed the GNO party!

  17. I honored the day with food, too. :) Hubby took it rather seriously.

  18. I gave you an award!



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