Virtual GNO - Let's Celebrate!

I'll take celebrations any way I can. Today I'm celebrating the fact that all the passengers on Flight 1549 survived. My gosh! I just can't imagine going through that experience.
And I'm also going to celebrate the fact that I live somewhere that isn't freezing cold! If you aren't so lucky, do you have a way to stay warm? If so, let's celebrate!
This is a Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too :-> ), a social evening without having to get out of our cozy pajamas. (If you are one who does go out in your p.j.'s that's just fine. I'm not judging!)
We are here to visit other blogs and play. The Virtual GNO is a way of meeting up with bloggers you know, and make some new friends as well. So sign Mr. Linky below and join in the fun!

Time To Dance!

Regina from Margarita Bloom let me know about this girl. You'll be hooked.
Alesha Dixon "The Boy Does Nothing"

If this sticks in your head today, I'm sorry ;->. Go visit Margarita Bloom. She has some of the yummiest bath and body products!!! My favorite is the Aphrodite scent. And today is Regina's birthday. Happy Birthday!!!

Time For A Cocktail

A perfectly named cocktail for the day.

Survivor Cocktail

Light Rum - 1.5 oz
White Creme de Cacao - .25 oz
Pineapple Juice - 1 oz.
Lime Juice - .25 oz

--Fill a shaker half full with ice cubes. Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well. Fill a Tumbler almost full of ice cubes, and strain drink into Tumbler.


Time For A Party Game!

The Name Game. Use the first letter of your name to answer the questions. Your answers need to be real places, names and things. Nothing made up :-> (You cannot use your name for #3 boy/girl "name" question.)

1. What is your name: Ann

2. A 4 Letter Word: Able

3. A Boys Name: Andy

4. A Girls Name: Alison

5. An Occupation: Anchor-person

6. A Color: Aqua

7. Something you wear: Angora Sweater

8. A Beverage: A lot of wine (Kidding!) Apple Juice

9. A Food: Apple

10. Something found in the bathroom: Ankle cream (I don't know what I'm saying.)

11. A place: Anchorage

12. A Reason for being late: Auto problems

13. Something you shout: All's Well!!!

OK. It's your turn! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Have fun at our Virtual GNO. Sign Mr. Linky to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that sign-in! Go blog-hopping!

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  1. I love your GNOs. I've met so many wonderful peeps that way! I may stop by tonight. We have a sitter so I'll have an extra free hand. Who knows? I may fall asleep on the sofa from exhaustion instead. I'll check in with all the ladies this evening. Maybe I can comment in my sleep?

  2. Ankle cream! You totally crack me up!!!! (How about aspirin? Yeah, thought of that cause I have a huge headache!)
    I am soooo glad it is GNO night! This week has been blaaaah. Let's get this par-tay started! (Wow, I sound like a dork!)

  3. Thanks for hosting the virtual GNO. Ankle cream? LOL

  4. Sign me up for the survivor's cocktail.

  5. Yay my first GNO. :) I'm a bit lost but am here...I think! :P

  6. Hey Ann! I don't mind at all! That is one HOT video!! It's my new favorite song. You throw the best virtual parties!! & thank you for my b-day wishes!! Big hugs! :)

  7. I'm heading out but did want to stop in, say hello and mingle for a few. Thanks for hosting!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love your VNO! They are so low cal and cheap! :)

  10. Hope it's not too late to come to the party! Happy VGNO!

  11. OK, I'll take a VGNO right about now. It's 15 below zero, my husband has been out in the weather for twelve hours (he's a mailman), and I've just started a new job -- which is good -- working retail in a neighborhood where I, um, kind of run into a lot of people that I used to know in a previous life -- which is kind of awkward. Actually it's a previous religious life, which makes it kind of really awkward, for me anyway. (I won't bore anybody with the details.)

    So I'm having a nice glass of Vouvray and getting ready to go visiting. Thanks for the game! What ankle cream begins with N??

  12. Ankle cream???? What (?) or maybe I just missed something in health class all those years ago.... hum... then again maybe not!

    Thanks for hosting GNO!

  13. I haven't been to one of your parties in so long. How are you??? I am in my jammies, there's a wind chill factor of about 10 below out there tonight...so glad to be inside!! Thanks for hosting yet another great night out. I can offer up some hot chocolate--perhaps with some Bailey's in it??

  14. I didn't try the drink, the song is funny and that chick looks like a model. I came back to check out others links and mr linky isnt working!

  15. Ok I finally realized I'm supposed to have a personal blog to answer my questions...and I don't. So, I'm going to party in your lil space. Hope you don't mind my fuzzy Hello Kitty pj's - lol!

    Happy Birthday to Regina!

    I'm getting sleepy. I must need a drink ;)

  16. Hi Ann! Happy TGIF! Have a great weekend!

  17. Hello!!! The survival cocktail is genius! Glad to be here for another GNO. Cheers!

  18. Do you really shout All's Well?? Do you ring a bell and call out the time when you do it? If so, you really must post a video... LOL {{and let me know if that ankle cream works!}} Thanks for the party!

  19. First time - looked like fun. I told my Mum and aunt about the cocktail - they both agreed it sounds yummy.

  20. Finally able to join in, hoping it's still going on tonight!

    Here are my answers. I think K is going to be difficult.

    1. Kaza
    2. Kite
    3. Kevin
    4. Kara
    5. kangaroo trainer !!!
    6. is there a "K" color?
    7. ???
    8. kava juice?
    9. kiwi
    10. ???
    11. Kalamazoo!
    12. knife cut my hand
    13. ???

    Yep, K was hard. I did it without cheating though, all off the top of my head.

  21. 1. What is your name: Kat

    2. A 4 Letter Word: Kill

    3. A Boys Name: Kaden

    4. A Girls Name: Kimber

    5. An Occupation: Kinesiologist

    6. A Color: Kelly Green

    7. Something you wear: kimono

    8. A Beverage: Kool- Aid

    9. A Food: Kit Kats :)

    10. Something found in the bathroom: Kotex

    11. A place: Kansas City

    12. A Reason for being late: kinky sex

    13. Something you shout: Kiss me you fool!!!

  22. I saw this meme alot during my blog browsing last night. I got too caught up reading everbodies answers! Fun!

  23. Dang it! I missed the GNO!! Next time I'm in!

  24. Oooh my hubby missed that flight...thank god!!! He is on it almost every week. Anoter girl from his office actually jumped in the water and was there for more than 10 minutes because she thought there was not enough room on the wing! So scary!

  25. I'm a new comer, and late to this party (a week and a day), but it is FASHIONABLE to be late right!


  26. I hope my name showed up on the linky. Not sure if I did it right as I filled out a profile but don't know what to do from there. Help? I wanna hang out.


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