Tuesday Tunes - Green Day/Oasis

My favorite radio station told a story about a musician claiming Coldplay copied one of his songs. This isn't a new thing. Many unknown bands claim that "so-and-so" stole their music and didn't give them credit. It usually turns out that the unknown band just wants to 'get known'.
When you think about the number of possible notes/chords, as times goes on, someone is bound to come up with the same combination/sound. There's just so much you can do with the musical scale.
This story reminded me of one of my favorite music combo's. Two great songs, blended to make one great song.

Green Day/Oasis - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams w/ Wonderwall"

(yeah, a little bit of Eminem and Aerosmith too.)

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  1. Hey Ann!
    Okay, my inner music geek is taking over for this comment!
    Actually it is Joe Satriani making the claim. And he is fairly famous. If you listen to his version.... well, you'll probably take his side. They are amazingly similar and his came first.
    Then again, I can not STAND Chris Martin (the arrogance really annoys me) so I am clearly biased from the start.
    Great video choice!

  2. Yeah Robin. I gotcha'.
    Here's the link to the radio show that I referenced.

  3. Great choice....

    "I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now...

    ...after all..you're my wonderwall!"

  4. Wow! Never thought of finding a similarity between those two bands. Cool!

  5. Gotta love it! Thanks for the new song to get stuck in my head! ;)

  6. You never know do you?
    Good post- thanks for sharing.

  7. Mmmmm, Green Day. How you know me. I so love Green Day!! They were one of my all time favorite concerts....


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