Virtual GNO - My "Kat" Made Me Do It

Busy! Busy! Busy!
Yep, it's that time of year, and I'm happy with all the going's on, however I need to take a little break from party planning to hang out for a little VGNO with some friends.
Here's how it's done; when someone leaves a comment, or sign's Mr. Linky, go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party! Invite your friends.

Alright now, my Sassy Irish Lassy, Kat has included me in a photo tag.
I've been playing in, what Portland weather casters are calling, an "Artic Blast". It's really ridiculous what they close schools for out here in the Pacific Northwest. "Was that a flake I saw fall? Hurry! Go to the stores and stock-up on Top Ramen! It's an Artic Blast!!!"
Kat asked for a picture of what we were doing right now. Here I am in the snow...
(I think Kat and I could be sisters!)
Since it's Virtual GNO I tag you all! I would love to see pictures of what you are doing RIGHT NOW!

Time For Music

Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?

I just love the message. (And I get a kick out of kooky people.)

Time For A Cocktail

Holiday Cheer
1 Champagne
1 Frozen Cranberry Juice
1 Lime

Mix champagne and frozen cranberry juice (undiluted). Slice lime and garnish each wine glass. Serve with breakfast to start the day right. Note: Mix right before serving to retain the bubbles. You may use non-alcoholic champagne.
(Yep. You read it right. "Serve with breakfast...")

OK now, it's time to play along at the Virtual GNO. Go take part in the tag, sign Mr. Linky and fix yourself a cocktail. Cheers!

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  1. Why is everyone I meet on here so darn young and cute! You are gorgeous. And I wish I could pop over for that cocktail. That would hit the spot right now.

  2. How cute are you! I miss the snow :(

  3. You are a sight for sore eyes!! At least you were brave enough to go hatless! Oh and we could TOTALLY be sisters :) I may have to pass on the drink... champagne never seems to agree with me.

  4. Look at you, Miss winter princess! What a great shot. Hope you are keeping warm out there! It's cold and snowy here in NYC... quite a pretty site!

  5. You look great. I'll take a rain check on the picture. My nose is swollen from surgery. But I think that cranberry concoction will be quite useful!

  6. great photo..yes I remember those artic blasts :) I used to live in Seattle but now Im in texas. two different extremes. thanks for the cocktail recipe :) have a great day

  7. Yes, well in spite of THREE snow days this week (although I technically only got 2.5) the snow has finally arrived! And now I'm worried about heading on vacation!

  8. What a cool meme! Glad you found me and I found you. I'm enjoying looking around your blog.

    We actually got snow here in TX ten days ago, but today it was 80 degrees. Don't think I could handle a real arctic blast, but you really cracked me up! Same thing with tropical storms here... let's stock up on water and ramen!

  9. Look at you all snow bunnied up in the cold!

  10. That is a great picture of you in the snow! Build me a snowman will you? I've never had the chance too.

    Virtual GNO sounds great, I'm going to bed though so I'll play along next time.

  11. Love it! Thanks for the invite!

  12. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I would love to do Virtual GNO, but I am/still am at work. Every once in a while, I drive around. It keeps me awake.

    I'm going to day shift in January. I will be more productive on my blog.

  13. Enjoy the snow... LOL in Cali when we get a heavy rain, its "STORM WATCH" all over the news! My East Coast friends laugh at me...

  14. ahhh... just like wheaties. the breakfast of champions.

    that does sound like a nice breakfast indeed.

  15. Do you ever take a bad pic? I'd share a picture of me but no one needs to see what I look like when I wake up...you are just too adorable!

  16. I'm in Rochester NY, looking at the mounds of snow outside. I could really use a cocktail.

    Such a nice picture


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