My Spring Awakening

Last night my husband and I went to "Spring Awakening." I have been waiting to see this show for a year. Since we don't live in NYC I've settled for the cast album (yes, I'm calling it an 'album'). Also, I've watched as many videos as I could find on YouTube. When Rob surprised me with tickets I knew he truly loved me!!!

This show is based on a play written by Frank Wedekind in 1891. The instant public reaction was shock, therefore it was banned for 100 years. (Can you believe that?!?)

The story, set in the late-19th century, is messed up! German teens, hormones raging, parents who won't explain and teacher's who want to break their spirit. The play may be old but the music is current. It's raise-you-out-of-your-seat Rock! Music by Duncan Sheik (Remember "Barely Breathing"?), lyrics by Steven Sater and together their work earned 8 Tony's.

I can't say enough about this fantastic show. It's intense, funny, kick-ass, devastating, and worth every second of your time. (Bring tissues.) When it comes to your town please go see it. (It's not for the kiddies though!!!! No, no, no.)

Here's the gentle song that closes this strong show.

Spring Awakening - "Purple Summer"

Well, if that one was hard for Tattooed Minivan Mom, this one will blow her mind!
Here ya' go C!

Spring Awakening - "Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind"
(Video removed by YouTube.  You'll need to look it up :-< )

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  1. Well I am always up for a good show and it's been too long since I've seen one! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. How sad is it that all I know about that show I learned from the new 90210???

    I am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. OMG... I was going to write the same exact thing as Jenni. Educated by 90210... yikes!
    Looks awesome! Great gift from your husband! Glad you had a great time.
    PS- I call them albums too! :)

  4. That sounds like a great date night which I am sorely in need of. I'm going to call the baby sitter right now!!

  5. Oooh! Date night! I'm jealous. Deeply jealous. I'm in more need of a fall napping though than a spring awakening.

  6. Yep, 1st time ever heard of spring awakening was on 90210. and tv never lies. "mama who bore me!"

    I'm not much of a play/musical person though.

    What's a purple summer? They're all singing at once and I can't understand. I wish those background singers would shut-up so I could hear the important people. And they're not staying together either. They're singing different stuff at the same time. Who taught these "singers" how to sing?

  7. Alright Tattooed Minivan Mom, I've posted another song that will drive you crazy! If you couldn't follow the first song, grab some caffeine, and listen to this! (It's short. You can take it.)

  8. Thanks for the tip! Iwill be on the lookout for it when it comes my way!

  9. WTF is up with wacko dudes melon?

    Bryant Gumble-Dumble?? Are you trying to make me hurl?

    My brain...it hurts...my eardrums...collapsing...make it stop AAAA...IMPLODING!!!


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