Virtual GNO - Back To School Edition

Well here we are. Another school year is under way and I'm ready to celebrate a Friday night! (We don't have to wake-up early tomorrow, yeah!!!!) So go grab a drink and let's go!!!

First, I must share a song that has been driving me CRAZY! (I thought it was only fair to share.) My girls and I LOVE, absolutely LOVE this song! And we've come up with our own words for the chorus. (Those are the best sometimes, right?)

Adele - Chasing Pavements
Uploaded by slzaza

(*Video no longer available)

Guess how old this girl is? I'll tell ya' in a bit.
Now, it took me 4 listens to understand what she was saying. I couldn't figure out WHAT she was singing in the chorus. 'Payments?', 'Rain men?' My 7 year old came up with the best "Or should I just keep chasing "Cavemen". Love it.
Adele was 19 when she recorded this song. Amazing voice, right?

Time for a party game. "The Mighty Four"

Four places I go over and over:
1. Fred Meyer
2. Target
3. Trader Joe's
4. (My van)

Four places I would rather be:
1. Calistoga, CA
2. Calistoga, CA
3. Calistoga, CA
4. Calistoga, CA (Oh... the wine tasting... the gorgeous hills... the wine tasting)

Four things I have for breakfast:
1. Coffee (What's in the coffee Ann? Hmmmm?)
2. Cereal
3. Yogurt
4. Scrambled Eggs

Your turn! I TAG YOU ALL!

Are you feeling the change in the air?

Let's go visit a fellow bloggin' mom, one who has decided not to stand idly by while Sarah Palin begins her journey. For your consideration I bring you Ruth Maupin from "and baby makes three.com".
Please click on the link, you just might be inspired to begin your own path. http://www.inews3.com/topstory.php?id=527574687c4d61757070696e
(Ruth has my vote for one of the best playlist's on a blog. Go check it out!)

The party is starting, don't be afraid to mingle! When someone leaves a comment here go visit their blog. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. Come back though! It's a party!!!

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  1. Hey Ann! Just heading to bed but wanted to stop by the party for a nitecap!! We're expecting some stormy weather tomororw with Tropical storm Hannah heading out way...so I'm off to sleep before the wind keeps me up all day and nite Saturday!

    Enjoy the night and thanks for the party invite. I hope I have internet tomorrow nite in case you have part II!!


  2. OK...I'm in! I will be posting my four in a few. After I get my wine. Also...please tell me I am not crazy for just freaking out on my blog about my upcoming 20 yr H.S. reunion and my ex-best friend's boob job/lipo/life makeover! Good lord, I am losing it.

  3. I'm here...and added My Mighty Four!
    Just twittered your party!

  4. Hi again! I added a tune on my site to bring to the party. And you need to go make your "virtual self." Go here:


    I wanna see what you look like cyberfied!

  5. Oh when you come to Calistoga, pick me up!! ;)

  6. Oh and i tried that jumble word thingy and it kept freezing up on me...

  7. Jen, of course I will pick you up! Let's make a road trip ladies!!! Who else is in?

    And Jen, with Wordle, I had to install Java somethin' somethin' and then it worked just fine. Try that.

  8. Am I to late for the party? Ann, I left you a blog award on my page. :)

  9. GAH!!! I went to bed early last night and missed this but what a cute idea! Next time, I'll try not to be so lame. Thanks for the invite!
    Mary Anne

  10. Ohhhh..thanks for the link love!! I tried to get that code, but it just kept giving me the same thing you posted on your post...

    And I love your music, too! All of it, and I always look forward to your Tuesday Tunes!!

  11. I am here but all snotty with a wicked head cold. I played the party game here http://irishkat.blogspot.com/

    Good thing it wasn't spin the bottle!!

  12. I am here to stop by and say hi! Some party!

  13. Hey! I missed the party but had to leave a late comment b/c I just LOVE Calistoga! It's one of my fave towns EVER!

  14. Hey Ann, thanks for stopping by my blog...and even more for leaving me a comment so I know you were there! I don't know about you but I always get so curious about the people I see stopping by on the Feedjit live traffic thing...I sit there and think, "Person from Idaho, why don't you stop and say hello?" lol

    Will ponder my top fours and get back to you....although I did note that you had my beloved Target on your top four somewhere in there...yay! You rock!

    Must be off to slip something into my Coke...Mama had a hard day with the demon spawn, err I mean my lovely kiddies!

  15. Hi Ann!!!

    Love love the new earrings! And what makes them even more special is that you won them!! Woop! That is awesome!! Free is the best ;)

    Love your blog! Your a music lover! Me too! It so speaks to the heart doesn't it? Have a wonderful day today!



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