Part II GNO-Back To School Addition

There's just no way that ONE Girls Night Out is enough!

Last night we started a party game "The Mighty Four". (Some of you fell asleep, ahem, not naming names but it rhymes with Penn ;-> ) The game is still going, play along! (I can't wait to see what your four are!) Add some new ones if you want. Go crazy!

I've found a yummy punch recipe. (See Below). Listen to these guys while you make your drink! (My school assemblies were NEVER like this!)

Guillemot's "Trains To Brazil"

This should be good. Let's try it!

Jewel Punch
1 liter Ginger Ale
3 cups Purple Grape Juice
1 1/2 cups Vodka
1/4 cup Cointreau or triple sec
Sliced Strawberries and Cherries, if you like
(* Substitute Orange Juice for Vodka & Cointreau if you like!)

* Combine the ginger ale, cherries, strawberries, grape juice, vodka and Cointreau in a punch bowl and stir well. Pour into ice-filled glasses.

A couple of days ago I was feeling a little down...

And then I was a lucky winner of some beautiful earrings made by Keep It Classy Jen at Post Point of View!

My little Lily likes them too!
Go visit Jen's new jewelry site Nola Meadows Studio. Yes, she's a blogger from Louisiana so let's send some support as she gets her life back in order after Gustav.

Here's something from my music guru Jen at Lipgloss & Baseball. She finds such great stuff. If you know Radiohead, then you should know the song "Creep". But I'm sure you've never heard it like this. So dang funny!!!

Richard Cheese "Creep"

I believe another glass of punch is called for! Yum!

Remember, don't be afraid to mingle. When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. Come back though! It's a party!!!

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  1. So glad to be here...a little break from watching the rain with my little daughter who told me she's "waiting for the wind". I don't think we'll get the wind part til very late tonite...which might make for a VERY long nite! I think I need one of those cocktails you mentioned!!

    Thanks for the invite...I'm up for some partying in the midst of a storm...until the power goes out! :)

  2. Gorgeous earrings Ann!! They make you pop! :)

  3. Punch sounds good but I am already sippin a margarita. Plus, no cointreau :(

    Love the earrings. You are such a cutie!!

  4. Thanks Ann and no one better to show them off than you!!

  5. I can't stay long tonight...I am a sick gal and just took the sleeping drugs.

    I love LOVE that version of Creep. It makes me giggle everytime.

    I better start updating my own darn blog. (The RNC took up a good week of my life...argh.)


  6. Hi Ann! Glad I could make it tonight. I can't even go out virtually 2 nights in a row! Your punch sounds delightful and your earrings are awesome. I love Jen's stuff - especially the photo necklace - I want one! I'm having my usual boxed wine on a budget and glad to be here!

  7. Ann, such cute pictures of you! And..the earings are rockin!

  8. BTW, ladies, I forgot to mention that I'm asking mom bloggers to share their story with me. How has blogging changed your life? See my post here - http://everydaybabysteps.com/2008/09/03/mom-bloggers-i-want-to-hear-your-story/

  9. Hey Ann, the earrings suit you. You left a comment on my blog tonight, and I wanted to invite you to write a post for my blog about it, if you want.

    I'd love to hear what you have to say, get some advice for you? - let me know.


  10. You are too sweet! Would love to join the party, but I HAVE to go to bed. Got a busy day of outlet shopping tomorrow, and already partied my booty off last night!
    Ya'll have yourself a rockin' good time!

  11. I forgot to mention how pretty you look with those earrings on! Gonna have to get me some of those!

  12. Hey beautiful, love those earrings...i want to be partying so much, but i'm just having a blue week...damn depression/anxiety!

  13. You are too cute! Love the earrings! Cheers to winning fun things!

  14. you look haawwwt...great earrings!

  15. How pretty are you? And I love your girl peeking in the background!

  16. Um, Yeah, I'm being completely rude by showing up on Sunday... (There's always one at every party, right?) You look so great in those pics! Okay, not exactly original but...
    Wish I could have stopped by sooner! :) Robin
    Cinnamon and Honey

  17. cute earings you lucky girl!!!

  18. The punch sounds pretty good, I could get a real taste for it! To answer your political question: what are my thoughts? I am very concerned. On one hand we have the suave handsome Democrat who will inflate the US economy into oblivion with government spending. On the other hand there's the Hate and War party who will make the world safe for democracy by blowing up parts of it! Pick your lesser of two evils methinks :(

    Anyway, time for some more punch I reckon ;)


  19. God dammit, missed the GNO AGAIN - and I did know about it. People over last night. Well, I've got wine now (Sunday 8pm) does that count?

  20. A Convention related link for you.. our politics is so much more mundane in comparison to yours!



  21. the earrings are beautiful Ann! And great advice. I need to do this so much more.

    Which is why I am here today.

    I love your blog look!!!


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