Providence Bridge Pedal Went By My Front Door

I live on a small Boulevard. It can be busy and noisy at times that's why we love marathon and race days that frequent our great city.
Sunday was the Providence Bridge Pedal 2008.
It's just so cool. 17,000 people participated!

It was a perfect morning for riding. The participants crossed 8 bridges. Some of them twice!

Can you believe there was a team that rode the 24 miles on unicycles!?!
(No wonder his hands are where they are!)

I've never done a ride like this. Have you?

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  1. Hubby does a lot of triathlons, but never seen a unicyclist! By the way, LOVE your entrecard advertiser today! Happily-Ever-After-Land - that sounds sooooo funny! And very witty to boot! :o)

  2. How fun...could you imagine doing that on a unicycle!? Your community looks so cute :)

  3. Cool you had front row seats.

    I'm not a biking fan but my hubby used to ride his street bike all over, never in a 'race' though.

  4. Madison"ducttape"JohnstonAugust 11, 2008 at 11:05 PM

    there were actually 8 unicyclists total who did the bridge pedal this year I was one of them, 5 of us dis the whole 37 miles and 3 did the 24 mile ride, I started at 6:30am and finished buy 10:20am just been trying to find pictures of me haha

  5. Wow, that's pretty impressive! I'm not much of a biker. I do admire people who can ride that long.

  6. 24 Miles seems like such a loooong way to ride on a unicycle let alone 37 miles. Fantastic job Johnston.
    Great pics Ann and a realy lovely community that you live in.
    P.s. Love your blog

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