Headline: "Bloggers Help Out"

I'm returning from Oregon's "cowboy country", Redmond, in Central Oregon.
I have stories to share later this week! (Has anyone else been to a Buckaroo Breakfast?!? I bet not!)
But for now I just want to say "Thank You!" to my blog friends who stopped by and finished my sentences for me.
I just couldn't believe that I had these silly situations so close together. And I could think of no better resource than my blog friends to help me sort it all out.
You have truly helped me. And continue to help me.
And if you have more help to give comment away!
This is the best reason to put thoughts, and life, out on this blogosphere.

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  1. I am always glad to help out one of my BBF's!!! OK...I have to admit, a buckaroo breakfast sounds really good and filling...ummmmm

  2. And here I was sooo hoping that those were just hypotheticals. That sucks!


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