End-Of-Summer G.N.O. Part II

Now we're on our way!!!

Time to dance!

The Ting Tings "Great D.J."

We have some blog friends whose businesses are underway. Jen at Posh Point of View just launched her site Nola Meadows yesterday. Go see all the pretty things. Oh shopping!!!

Have you checked out Regina's place at Margarita Bloom? Love it so!

I had mentioned a video that I was going to share. Marcy at The Glamorous Life is one fantastic blogger! Great writing, inspiring imagination, and... she looks unearthly in a bathing suit! (What? Photoshop? Never heard of it.)

For all of the "Bloggin' Mommies" out there;
Check this out "The Revenge of A Blogger Orphan".

So, whatcha' doin'?
I feel like a sloth because here I am, hanging out with my blogging friends while my sister is participating in a relay, the Portland-to-Coast.
She's already walked about 7 miles before I woke up this morning. What a woman!!!

Now, don't be afraid to mingle! When someone leaves a comment here go visit their blog. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. Come back though! It's a party!!!

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  1. I am still here! I can't seem to sleep...so I am surfing the world wide web. My friends in England should be up soon too!

  2. Oh Ann! I woke in the middle of the night to read these kind words...I hope your readers have a nice little giggle from the video!! Thanks for being so supportive.

  3. Hi Ann,

    I actually woke up early and took my doggies for a nice long walk...I am sitting here drinkin' coffee and reading your blog...I am in a happy happy place! You're the best!

  4. Sorry I had to leave the party early last night, Ann! DH reminded me that baby Brady would soon be waking. Hope it was fun!

  5. I like parties! And meeting new bloggers! Whoo Hoo!


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