Blogger Participation Time

O.K. Blogger Participation Time!

Today's assignment: Finish this sentence.

My neighbor came over to tell her daughter it was time to come home for dinner. I was relieved. "E" had been playing with my daughter all day and petty fights had begun. (It always happens when they spend too much time together, you know?) My neighbor looks at our daughters and says, "It seems our girls have drawn all over each other. Sweetie show Ann your stomach!".
I can't figure out what she's talking about. I was pretty good about keeping a watchful eye on things. They've DRAWN on each other?!? How did this get by me? She adds "We do this all the time at home. I think they used one of your markers!"
At this point I'm tired and defeated.
'Well,' I said. '....'

***Finish this sentence***

Another one is coming tomorrow!

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  1. Well....you're in charge of scrubbing it off them, them!

  2. we only have permanent markers at our house. I guess that will save them from the trouble of getting inked when they are older. Now we just have to worry about piercings.

    Hey, has anyone seen my Bejeweler????

  3. This lady would have made me more tired and defeated. I think I would have mumbled something like "good thing it'll wash off eventually." I might even have been thankful that the drawing thing wasn't my kid's idea -- or that what the little friend draws on "all the time at home" wasn't the living room walls :0

  4. Guess they snuck into the school supplies while I was nursing my afternoon cocktail. Good thing my little darling is getting a bath tonight!

  5. "There is nothing a good glass of wine can't fix...as for the kids...whatever"!

  6. Oh, I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to think of something clever. I'll be back.

  7. "Well," I said, "That's awesome! Can you come a little closer, I think you might have a little marker on your face!!"

    So, the neighbor would step up closer and I'd yank out my handy Sharpie and draw a quick mustachio on her.

    "We have a lot in common," I'd continue, "We love drawing on each other, too!!"

    I'm just not nice. hahaha

  8. Hmm, how about saying to your daughter, "Wow, honey, you drew such a pretty picture. Too bad it's not on paper so we can hang it on the wall. Remember, we only draw on paper." I'm not too much of a smart ass so I'd just say something nice and correct the behavior, which is a sly way of telling the mom it's not cool to draw on each other. Hopefully she'd get the hint. :)

  9. Hummm. Well...I guess I'll have to unteach that little drawing habit to my child. Wouldn't want that happening again, would we?

    I am bit dry and sarcastic. Think she would figure it out?

  10. To tell you the truth, it was me. I found the sharpees and decided to see why they thought this was so much fun to do at your house. And I love it, I can express my creativity on my greatest creation, my little girl! Now, let me just oopen another bottle of wine and I can work on the idea I had for you.

  11. how does she know it was both of them? could have been just her daughter. i think homegirl is living in la la land.

  12. "Well", I said,"I sometimes black out for 5-10 minutes at a time. At least they didn't get into the wine like they did last time!" (this for if you don't want the two to play togther anymore)


    "Well", I said, "I just read a really scary article about how children who draw on themselves and others at a young age can grow up to be strippers if you don't correct this behavior early on. Don't worry I will have a chat with her tonight and this will never happen again!" (if you do want them to play again and you like to be a little passive aggressive)

    OR if you are blunt:

    Well, you dumb idiot, these are permanent markers and I'd be happy to pick her up in a few hours after you wash her up!


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