Follow-Up to "Blogger Participation"

I have been asked how I handled my "Blogger Participation" posts. Did I come up with something witty? Something that cuts them to the quick and makes them rethink their roles as parents? As humans?
Someone I know that can do that is my husband. (I keep meaning to have him as a guest here. You'd like him!) No, I did not answer the way I really wanted to.
Regarding the "skin as canvas" incident -- oh, that almost sounds like a band name -- I was just so happy to have my neighbor take her child home that I looked at their arms, legs, bellies and said 'Well aren't you creative. Let's stick to paper next time, o.k.?' And sent them on their way.
For this particular neighbor this is nothin'. It's probably because of her that I felt the need to blog in the first place! I have so many stories to share.
Now, about "The Bad Seed".
This situation has not been completely resolved. It's my doing really.
I did not receive a phone call that night. I was anticipating one and it made me a nervous wreck all night. (I hate confrontation! When I lived in NYC I was ready for it. But it's been 11 years. I've regressed to Peace and Love ya'll!)
However, the next morning, this neighbor did drop-off her daughter for the carpool. I was "indisposed" therefore unavailable to greet her at the door.
When I was gathering the kiddies for the ride her daughter said "Ann, this is for you" and handed me a folded up piece of paper.
Inside was this neighbors apology for her "out-of-control mouth". She feels badly and doesn't want this to ruin our relationship.
I haven't responded. I just don't want to, not yet any way.
I did have a scenario in my head of calling her and saying 'Your daughter gave me this note but I don't get it? What is this all about?' Playing it off as if the daughter hadn't spoken to me.
But, no. I've just sat back silently going about my business.
So, if anything exciting does happen, I'll keep you posted!


It's my Beautiful! Fabulous! day. Today's post "It's Not All Spandex and Smiles".
This is a social website and it's free to join. (Kind of like Mom Bloggers Club, for those of you who are members!)
Maybe I'll see you over there!

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  1. Maybe the best thing is to just say nothing at all and let it rest. I have found that the more I let go of situations and not "role play" in my head...everything just works out. Good luck! Congrats on your feature...you are beautiful and fabulous!

  2. Hi again...I have many friends in Lombard! And I miss Portillo's so much. I am a sox fan, but it's all good! See, I know I liked you for some reason...;)

  3. "I hit him with my shoe, I hit him with my shoe!"

  4. Your neighbour sounds like a whacko! I think I'd be limiting the time my kids were over there. I know that's easier said than done, I have neighbours I'm a little leery of but if the kids want to play together everyday what do you do? On another note, do you ever worry that your neighbour's going to find your blog?? Just wondering... But keep blogging 'cause it's really interesting!

  5. Ruth you freaked me out! I had no idea that you were quoting from "The Bad Seed"! (Thank you Google)
    You make me laugh!

  6. hi ann...thanks so much for stopping by the Lylah Blog and saying HI.

    HI back at ya. blessings...lylah

  7. Thanks for visiting us at Mom Spark! I'm enjoying your blog as well!


  8. I role play n my head ALL the time! Then stress and worry... and miss out on much needed sleep. I had one of these neighbor moments the other day and it took me by surprise and I did/ said nothing... sigh. Then I got home and had elaborates confrontations with her in my noggin. But it just isn't the same.


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