Virtual "G.N.O. !" Part II

Alright, it's night 2 for our Girls Night Out!

While my daughter's are caught up with the Hannah Montana 3-D concert I'm going to continue on with music for the slightly older crowd.

So, do we have our beverage of choice? I've heard that over at The Blarney Stone there is Sangria and a nice bottle of Merlot. And Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy is ready for us to grab a beer. Mary from Everyday Baby Steps needs rescuing from the Hannah Montana Mania as well, so her 'Mommies Juice Box' is chilled and ready to go!

So let's get our evening going with our guest D.J. Jen from Baseball & Lipgloss. She is my music guru. I owe her so much. (She is keeping me from the "Oh, I don't understand what the kids are listening to these days' funk!!!)

22-20s "Such A Fool"

Thank you Jen from Baseball & Lipgloss for the fantastic music!

So, who is going to throw the party next weekend?! I don't want to impose. However, when you do have the next "Virtual Girls Night Out" I would like an invitation. :->

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  1. Woot woot! (that's party noise) AWESOME! Anytime you need to party, lady I am there! I have been fangirling all day because I just found out the Fratellis are coming over for a US tour. I will be front and center at First Ave.
    I have a total crush on the lead singer from the 22-20's. Trust me, he's dreamy.

    Here's how I roll when it comes to Hannah Montana - I took a friend's daughter to the 3D movie (I know!) I spent the whole time checking out the cute guys in her back-up band.

    Okay, I wrote a novel in your comments. Well, I hope the kiddies don’t drive you bonkers. Remember – booze is the cause of and the cure of all of life’s problems (Shakespeare I think…)

  2. I'm late to the party, but i'm here with a 12 pack! Great tunes, as usual!

    Party at my place Friday night.

  3. All right, Jen! I'll be there. My juice box of choice is a 5 liter box of sangria. No, I won't drink the whole thing, silly ladies! I'm willing to share.

  4. Sorry I missed the party sounds like a blast. I'd never knowingly miss out on an occasion to drink Merlot with my friends.

  5. I came as soon as I heard- the kind of party that I don't need a babysitter and don't have to bring my husband- you kiddin'me? I'M IN!

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  7. Don't know if I missed the party! But hope you had a blast Ann!!! :) lol, I would have brought the Margarita's! :)

    By the way you've been tagged...check out my blog post (New Walk of Fame Page at Margarita Bloom....) for more info!!! :)

  8. Well I sure hate I missed this party. I am ALL ABOUT some girls night!


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