Lending An Ear

While taking part in a neighborhood yard sale, which I mentioned here, I met many nice people. One in particular stands out. I didn't catch her name, but she shared, or OVER-shared, just about everything else.
She was a lovely woman, probably around 79 or 80 years old. She was out for her daily walk wearing her protective visor and her "just came from the eye doctor" sunglasses.
While looking through my offerings, for whatever reason, she decided to tell me the story of her great love. "Oh what a guy he was! Boy, he was a sharp dresser! Always wearing a suit and a hat... So charming! And boy was he good in the sack!"
Um... what?
"***giggle giggle*** We could be on the bus going downtown, I'm all dressed up, he looks so handsome. The bus would go over a bump and I would look at him and say 'That really got me in the mood'. Next thing I know, he's pulling the line to stop the bus. He grabs my hand and off we go to a hotel!"
I just keep smiling and nodding my head while this lovely woman shares her adventurous romps with me. 'Why-oh-why is she doing this?', I keep saying to myself.
And why-oh-why isn't someone else coming along to save me?!?
FINALLY my neighbor Bonnie arrives with the infamous Broken Halo in hand and that's when I knew I was saved.
And boy, did I ever need that beer.

And hey! Today is my Beautiful! Fabulous! day. Today's post "You Have A Little Something Right...There!". You do need to join, like any blog community, however it's free. And there are so many wonderful offerings. If this sounds good to you I'll see you there!

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  1. that would FREAK ME OUT. Oh lord. I'm glad you survived the overshare.

  2. In the back of my mind I would be thinking, 'this is SO bloggable!'

  3. She must have thought that you were really into what she was telling you! LOL!

  4. I actually think it was really sweet and what a cute story! :)

  5. Wow! Did she mean recently? Or was this a while ago? Just think, someday that might be YOU oversharing at a yard sale!

  6. You gotta keep an eye on the old folk - some of them were real goers back in the 40s! ;)

    Thought I'd let you know - we work in Centigrade over here in Europe - late 20s = mid 80s F in the way you measure things.

    And thats REALLY hpt where I come from!


  7. TMI, Grandma! But you don't know what lending your ear may have meant to her, Ann. You're a good person, and you deserve the beer!

  8. My grandma told me once that she married her first husband cause they both liked hamburgers and dancing.


    She also told me that my grandfather was great in the sack.


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