Closing Night of G.N.O. 7/27

Oh I needed this.
This is the longest Girls Night Out I've ever had!

Are we all set? Get your beverage of choice. Regina from Margarita Bloom is making her famous, you guessed, margaritas! (Oh that sounds good!)

Radiohead "Jigsaw Falling Into Place"
(We can only tolerate this before the margaritas kick in!)

Now, Regina has tagged me to list Six Quirky things. Now, I know I said on Friday that I'd rather be quirky than any thing else, but I don't know if I should announce 6 more things. Someone just might come and take me away in a tight fitting white jacket with lots of snazzy little buckles on it!

So how about I pass this along to 6 like I was supposed to. Play along, or don't. No pressure. It's just a party game. Everyone play!

And... after every quirk listed...you take a drink!

Cheryl "The Daily Blonde"
Ruth "and baby makes three"
Jenn "Peacock's Nesting Place"
Jen "Lipgloss & Baseball"
Je (Just kidding)
Lane Boyz Mom "KooKoo For Cocoa Puffs"
Irish Kat "Sassy Irish Lassie"

Time to dance

Blood Red Shoes "It's Getting Boring By The Sea"
(*Video no longer available*)

Oh, I wish I new how to make those fun little badges that I see so many sharing out there in this blog world. Fun awards and all. (I can make one just for me to see but I just don't know how to make it a link, etc.)
Maybe someone can come up with a great little badge that says "I Survived Virtual Girls Night Out July 25-27, 2008"

While the first virtual G.N.O. comes to a close I just want to thank you all for coming! I hope you had a blast. I hope you found some new music you like and made some friends.

I believe Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy is planning the next one, is that right Jen? And another big "Thank You" to my music guru Jen at "Lipgloss & Baseball" for being last nights guest D.J. She's terrific!

I'll do this again when needed. (But that could get a little hazy... when is a girls' night out NOT needed? Huh?)

I'll close the night with a mellow tune. So beautiful.

Nick Drake "Pink Moon"
(*video no longer available*)

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  1. I love Sangria so I brought some of my homemade Sangria tonite. It's got pear Vokda and wine...and more....

    Now, am I supposed to list my quirks here? OH MY! That might take all night, especially when I start drinking....

  2. I'm going to list a couple of quirky things if you promise not to roll your eyes...haha....

    I hate the Sunday paper out of order. I'd rather go buy a new one than try to piece it together after someone messes it up.

    I don't like anyone to put their head on my special pillows. There are 8 pillows on my bed. 2 for sleeping and the rest for decoration. No wonder I'm single...

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm feeling a blog coming on

  3. Great party Ann! After drinking almost a whole bottle of red wine last Sunday, I'm sticking with Diet Dr. Pepper caffeine free tonight! And if anyone knows a fantastic must-try-this red wine sangria, please let me know!

    Wouldn't it be great to set up a chat right now?

  4. ali,
    I would LOVE to set up a chat right now. This kind of gathering calls for it.
    Next time. Let me see what I can do!

  5. Yay for you! Even though I've been hecka busy getting ready for the trip, I was thinking about you, and your GNO...does it count that hubby and I shared a bottle of wine over dinner tonight??? See you when I get back from Peru...<3 Clare :)

  6. Hey Ann!!! Everybody get a round of margarita's yet? lol... yep, we got your order!! You're going to love your perfume!! Nice parteee...oh, I added your blog to my list of absolutely fabulous sites too!

  7. Hey Ann! I tried commenting last night, but Blogger wasn't having it. So I'll try again: Better late than never for the VGNO. I LOVE Nick Drake and it makes me so sad that he'll never make any more music.

    ps how did I space on blogrolling you? doing that now. :)

  8. DANG! I am sorry I missed it! But, I was definately participating with my Miller Lites! I'll have to join the next one...I know I will be needing a GNO (and MIller Lite) soon! Great idea!

  9. I survuved GNO ~ but didn't come out unscathed ... ;)

    PS. What is up with SP3???!!! I can not believe all the bugs in this service package .... GATES!

  10. Gad! I arrive at VGNO on a Monday night, having just spent the day doing inventory at work, schlepping kids around town, (not in that order), and now staring a jury duty notice and a reminder to go to the OBGYN for a checkup in the face! I mean, I'm staring the reminder in the face, not ... well, you get it. A nice glass of chenin blanc helps. See you at the next one!

  11. I can't believe I missed this! My laptop picked a horrible time to give out...on the work's computer right now. I want to join the next one though!

  12. Bad Ann, you sent out the invites AFTER the party started. But I will keep my eyes peeled for next weekend. I have some great tunes to add.

    I will also partake in the quirkiness that is me! That will actually give me something to write about! ha ha

  13. hi-thx for stopping by and commenting on my blog. my 21 yr old is a big fan of nick drake music. he listens to some of most obscure stuff LOL he doesn't like mainstream music.


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