"It's Like Africa Hot"

It's hot here!
It's 8:00 pm and it's 93 DEGREES!!! I live in Portland, Oregon. We don't do heat.
We do grey skies, a light rain. And at the most we get heat in August and September but yikes!!! We're not ready for this.
So I'm cooling myself by sitting here, having a cool drink and listening to my summer play list.
The Weepies
Indigo Girls
Snow Patrol
John Mayer
and Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse "Love Vibration"

And... can you name the movie whose quote is in my title?

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  1. I'm in Jersey...it's hot here too. YUCK!

    Thanks for dropping by my place, nice to meet you too! :)

  2. Google says Biloxi Blues, but I feel that someone else said it too and it's driving me crazy because my sisters and I used to say that all the time.

  3. I am sort of spoiled here in England. It is usally very mild here. Stay cool!

  4. I LOVE love love your summer playlist!! Okay, I KNOW I know what movie that's from, but I'm drawing a blank. I'll be back.

  5. Tarzan couldn't stand this kind of heat!

  6. Dance to the boogie get down...cause boogie nights are always the best in town.....

    p.s. just noticed you're a christopher guest & co movie buff. Is there anyone funnier. These go to 11.

  7. Its hot here too and humid...yucky!

  8. Love your summer play list. Coldplay is the best...I even got my kids to listen to them. Yippee...no more kiddie CD's anymore...Mommy is rockin' out! Hope it cools off soon.


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