Right Choices

Father's Day is interesting. Lots of different emotions happen and I really just try to focus on the 'happy' ones.
I do have a father. He lives in another state. He and my mother divorced when I was 10.
He's always said "I'm here whenever you need me" which sounds nice, but it's not really true, is it? We talk on the phone, but it is so rare that they are true conversations. He's really not a phone person.
Which brings me to my choice to focus on the 'happy' emotions.
I am so happy with the father that my husband chooses to be. He is involved with his girls, he talks with his girls and he spends time with them. He loves us and he lets us know everyday.
We are so lucky and I am constantly reminded that I made the right choice to marry him 15 years ago.
I hope he enjoyed his new hammock!

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  1. that is a styling hammock! My husband was just saying the other day how he needs a hammock- hmm... guess he'll have to wait until next year!

  2. Nice hammock!
    You did make the right decision.

    How I wish I could make the not-so-good part of the day better.

  3. Looks comfy, hope your husband will share with you! I'm happy you chose the happy road, wish I could help you through the tough road!

  4. That hammock looks like the perfect place to enjoy a good book!

  5. I'm not showing my hubby this pic, I think he would be jealous. ;-)


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