The Fugitive

I started out with the best of intentions.
My girls and I were running errands and the last on the list was to get propane for the Bar-B-Que. No big deal, right?
So we go to the gas station and park by the tank. Yes it is 4:30 in the afternoon, and I expect to wait my turn like a good girl (showing my girls patience, right?).
Well after about 7 minutes of standing by the attendants door, while he goes in and out, charging people for their gas purchases saying "Excuse me Ma'am" every time, I said "I just need to get my propane tank filled. Can you help me with this?" He said "Not really. The car wash guy can do it." Okay fine. I try to keep my calm and walk over to that guy. I asked him if he could fill the tank and he said "Yes, Ma'am". He finishes his car wash and walks over to help me. Nice.
After it's filled he writes "4.5" on a piece of cardboard that was left on the ground, hands that to me then tells me that he can't take payment, that that guy has to do it. Okay...
So I head back to the attendant who was running back and forth between gas customers and I let him know that I need to pay him. He looks at me dazed and says "Just a minute Ma'am" and shakes his head.
It's been 20 minutes now.
As the lovely and dashing attendant goes past me yet again to help a gas purchasing customer I realize that if I had been in a car I could have paid for the stupid Propane and been on my way!
My daughters have been waiting so-o-o patiently in the car.
When the toothless attendant passes me again I lose my cool and say "I just want to pay for this! Will you help me?!" That's when he says "I don't know how to ring that up. That guy has to do it".
I walk over to that guy, tell him what I was told. He shakes his head at me in confusion because he has a line of customers who must have their cars washed right this minute. I tell him "I'll be in my car waiting to pay."
As I get in my car, with my patient girls, I look all around this insane gas station with every pump busy and more people in line... and that's when it happened...I pulled out of that lot without paying for the propane.
I turned into "Thelma & Louise".
My girls are in the back saying "Mom, what are you doing?!" "I'm going to get you girls a Slurpee!" "Yeah!!!"
(Now, this is very unlike me and I was freaking out all night. I will be returning to that stupid *%!@*station, with my piece of cardboard in hand, and try, again, to pay for my propane. We'll see what happens...)

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  1. I inadvertantly walked out of a Myrtle Beach Food Lion with postcards while on vacation and grocery shopping with my mom. The guilt haunts me to this day. Not enough that I put a check for $2.00in the mail... just enough to keep me awake at nights sometimes... :)

  2. I sooooo do not blame you. Bless your heart for vowing to go back - I wish you luck! BTW, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your fabulous comment. I love your blog and plan to add it to my blog roll. Mary

  3. What a major pain in the ARSE! I love how you added "toothless" to the description of the incompetent! LOL!!

  4. Good for you!

    As my husband would say, "They aren't the boss of me!"

  5. Hmmm... not a very customer service friendly sort of place, huh? I think anyone would have lost their cool.
    Good luck on your second visit in trying to pay! :-)

  6. This is such an awesome story...so well told...even I was getting annoyed with THAT guy! You totally did the right thing to leave...I mean how much abuse can you take? But maybe you should take the kiddies with you when you do go pay...ya' know so they know their mama isn't a thug or anything....

  7. LOL, Sounds like something I would do. Serves them right for ignoring you!

  8. You go girl!! They can't blame you... you did try!

  9. Oh WOW! How incredibly annoying!! It does make me wonder though...why don't people just get out and pay for their own gas? OR, if they want to have attendants, why don't they have those card-swipey pay things at the actual pump ? Sorry, not from the USA so perhaps that's why this is lost on me...

  10. Hi Ann, thanks for your comment on my blog, and for explaining what sounds like a very frustrating system! I'd make a joking comment about it being because you Americans being untrustworthy but fear the humour might not come across in text ;) ...or it might not come across because it's just not funny! either way, I hope you are smiling & have managed to sort this out or at least come to peace with the outcome!! I am enjoying your blog and look forward to reading more :)


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