First Day of Summer

It's now the first day of summer all around the town and I am so happy that Portland weather decided to participate. It's actually warm and sunny! (It's amazing the toll grey skies and rain can take on your psyche. I believe all newcomers should be given one of those Light Boxes in their "Welcome" packet.)
I spent the day with my girls at a terrific park. I'm doing my best to block out others goings-on. It's hard when there are 'Loud Talkers' around. You know what I mean? It seems they feel they are giving their children such wonderful advice and we need to hear them giving this wonderful advice. Kind of like "Listen to me! I'm so good. So cool. Yep, I've got this down". Those kinds of parents annoy all the other parents around them. We all give each other the look (roll of the eyes, shake of the head) then continue on with our own parenting style 'Yes! Yes I see you climbing on the outside of the slide! Please be careful and let me get back to my book!'
After the park we walk up the hill to Portland's own International Rose Test Garden. It's a must see when you visit the Rose City. In my rush to get out the door I forgot the camera, but that's really alright. I had a fantastic time truly experiencing this glorious garden.
There were visitors from all over the globe (I know this because, being the only one without a camera, I was asked take all of their pictures.) My girls were getting annoyed because they couldn't understand why strangers were coming up to me and giving me their cameras. "Are you famous Mom?" 'No Honey, if I was the camera would be pointed at me.'
At this point we come upon a group of Tibetan Monks. Monks with video cameras. I was so amazed. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but I was too shy. They started following us with their video cameras and smiling, a lot! We started laughing and they started laughing. It was amazing!
Here we were in this gorgeous garden being following by Tibetan Monks with video cameras. That doesn't happen everyday.
It was a great way to begin the summer!

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  1. Cool, thanks, Ann! I see you found my blog as well! If you'd like to post that link on your blog as well so all your readers can download my song, let me know.

  2. How funny, 'are you famous mom?' well hellz yeah actually...on the interwebz i iz! ;)

    Hey i'll post that recipe when I get one okay!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. "At this point we come upon a group of Tibetan Monks." Words I'm pretty sure I'll never say living in Gettysburg, PA. Thank you for sharing a great start to summer.

  4. Loud talkers...haha...I'm laughing. I was just thinking that about a "perfect Mom" I saw at the park earlier in the week. She really did try to show off her Mom skills. My thoughts...I've been a mom for almost 24 years now and everyone's alive, happy and doing just fine...and I don't preach parenting at the playground.

  5. ps..added you on my blogroll because you've got a great blog here! BTW...how is "A NEW EARTH"...I've been thinking of buying it!

  6. Great way to start the summer!

    The weather is finally giving us a little break up here in the Seattle area too!

  7. That IS a great way to start the summer. I would've wanted to ask questions too!!

  8. I am glad that summer has finally reached Portland!

    If I could I would send a little AZ sunshine your way.

    I don't know how I would do with so many overcast days. However I read a couple of blogs from gals in OR and there are some amazing things to see there, so it's definitely on my list of places to see!


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