You Did What?!?

You know how sometimes you do something that you think will make you feel better, but isn't really a good idea?
Like plucking your eyebrows after having too much of "Mommies Juice Box".
Or trying to use an Epilady (while sober).
Well, let me tell ya'. I'm stating for the record that I will never try to highlight my own hair again.
You see the person that I go to costs way too much. And I've had to space my appointments apart too far so it looks like I'm wearing a black toupee right on the top of my head! I was tired of it so I went to the store, bought a box of "Root Touch-Up" and headed home to turn my bathroom into my own little beauty parlor.
I got the towel, the rubber gloves. I even lit a candle and put on my favorite tunes. I probably shouldn't have had that wine though...oh well.
So here I am, thinking that I could make the top of my head look at least a little bit like the bottom half, not fully understanding that I have 5 different colors in my hair. (Hence the expense of the hair stylist.)
I turn out with orange spots on the top of my head. ORANGE SPOTS!!!
I think 'Wash it out.' Nope. I think 'I'll just wear a pony tail for a while'. Nope. There is an orange dot right in the center of my hair line.
There's no covering this up.
So after many panicked phone calls I get into the hair stylist that afternoon. She watched me walk in. Smiled. Sat me down. Gave me a glass of wine and said "Now you know why I have a job."

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  1. No photo show from One True Media?? Man!

    Thanks for the giggle, sorry about the spots. :)

  2. Oh, Ann!
    An orange spot...
    So glad you were able to get it taken care of. :-)

  3. I've always been so temped to try that. I guess I'll skip it. So sorry - what a drag!

  4. Oh no! I'm glad you were able to recover, although next time we'd like pictures! ;)

  5. I tried that once too...big mistake! My hair was purple! I had to go to nursing school for a few days with it, ugh. I am glad you were able to get it fixed.

  6. nice web page can we exchange link??? & happy mothers day to all !


  7. This post is seriously lacking pictures ;)... But yay for stylists who serve wine, right.

    Oh! And one day, you and I will need to runaway and become groupies together... Perfect taste in music you have there.

  8. Where is the picture? Too funny, but I am sure not at the time! I would have freaked out! Thanks for the laugh and glad everything turned out OK!

  9. Yikes, no visual aids to descript the fiasco must mean pretty bad- good luck with that! I have very dark hair, but not black- once I decided to go to my natural color when I was sick of my highlights- I looked like I was wearing a witch wig until I could get an appt. to fix!


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