Open Mouth-Insert Foot-Drink More Wine

I went to the beach last weekend with my sister and 2 of her co-workers. I had never met them, which usually makes me uneasy, but I really wanted to go to the beach, so I put on my friendly face and off I went.
The first night was fine. Although I could tell we were very different people. They were playing cards, drinking coffee while my sister and I were enjoying our Amaretto Sours and watching Ghost Whisperer. (Tushes at 8:00! That's for you Kathi. )
On the second night my glasses of wine encouraged me to bring up a theory I have about Republicans and their feelings toward the Clintons. I wouldn't normally talk politics with strangers but dang that yummy Pinot Gris!
Well, when I was done venting, one of the ladies told me she was a proud Republican and began her little speech (which in the end proved my theory true).
I was embarrassed that I had brought this up, but I was also happy to learn I was on the right track. (I'm trying to think positive here.)
Well, I doubt I will be asked back for a weekend getaway with those ladies.
Oh well.
The Amaretto Sours were worth it.

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  1. Mmm, so what IS your theory about Republicans and the Clintons then? I'm intigued...

  2. I'm wondering about your theory, too, Ann... but I'm sure you're right. :-) My dad proves me right every time (we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum).

  3. Forgot to add... Love "Ghost Whisperer"!!

  4. This sounds like something I would do. I've been given the "proud Republican" speech too after a few inebriated ramblings on politics (a subject I DO feel passionately about, more so with vino...), but I was usually too buzzed to listen :)


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