Lost My Temper

I yelled at one of my girls this morning. I really wish I hadn't.
So I'm imagining she's sent me a little card to make me feel better:

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  1. Isn't that cute- won't happen to me until I'm too old to appreciate it, but still cute! I've had those outbursts that I've regretted- she'll get over it.

  2. Shoot, i know how that feels, it happens a lot now that i have a tween drama queen.

  3. I hate it when I do that too, especially just starting out the day. Mornings are the worst! We always both forget by the time we see each other after school though. Sigh

  4. Ugh! Feelin' guilty. . .Again! If it isn't one thing, it is another. Can we accept the consolation that we are human and bound to screw up sometimes? Impossible to be perfect, even when it comes to our offspring.



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