Is It Wrong?

Time for 'Is It Wrong?'

Is it wrong that while I'm exercising all I can think about is 'What am I going to have for lunch?'

Is it wrong to give a 4th grader a dirty look, and quite possibly scare the crap out of her, because I over-heard her call my daughter weird and strange?

Is it wrong to sit at a coffee shop with a book whose cover looks impressive just to make others think that I'm smart and interesting?

Not that I've done any of these things. Just wonderin'

How about you?

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  1. ha!!! i don't think you're wrong at all, ms. lady. :) thanks for stopping by my place and you come back now, ya hear? :)

  2. I often find myself giving dirty looks at a preschool classmate of my son. I told DS to tell bossy brat "who made you king!" Is that wrong?

  3. The answer to all of the above is "No"... at least not in my book (which also has an impressive cover). LOL


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