It's All About Me...not so much

So my husband is watching our daughter at softball practice. She's having difficulty focusing and it's getting a bit annoying.
My husband had just about had it when Katie put her mitt on her head while standing in the outfield, in the wrong direction.
When she turned back around Rob starting waving his arms trying to get her attention, motioning for her to look at the coach, stand ready and basically just pay attention.
She, in turn, starts waving her arms at him. He tries to motion to stop doing that, just look at the coach.
She continues to wave like crazy. This is driving him nuts.
After a while Rob turns around to see that Katie's friend had been standing right behind him, waving at Katie. Rob realizes that she hasn't been paying attention to him at all.
He does the smoothing the hair/dusting the pants/tying the shoes thing to make it seem like that was what he was doing all along.
Aren't kids great?!?

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  1. Is my tinfoil hat on straight? ;)

    Yeah, there are lots of theories out there.. some of them enough to lose you sleep if you think too much about them. Still, I think I speak for most Europeans when I say.. ANYONE BUT MCCAIN!!!



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