So I'm following this lovely older couple into the grocery store. I actually slowed my pace so as not to pass them and seem obnoxious/rude.
We arrive at the door way and the woman walks in and the gentleman (truly) steps aside and graciously has me go ahead of him. "Ladies first".
I was so stunned, yet appreciative.
This kind of behavior only seems natural to "older" gentlemen. Do young men learn this polite manner these days? I don't think so.
Sad that it took me by surprise.

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  1. Ann!

    Thanks for the compliment on our photoblog venture, it's exciting for us to get new readers (or glancers) because its a pretty small audience of friends at this point. Yours is entertaining as well and I applaud your shout out to the local shops and coffee haunts of north portland (they are some of my favorite places as well!).
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    -Claire (of coupled-perceptions)


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