Love Oregon?

Measure 49 comes to Willamette Boulevard.

"Love Oregon?" "Pears Or Parking Lots?" "Strawberry Fields Not Strip Malls"

I find it... funny... that a campaign trying to stop unsightly urban growth and sprawl is crusading for the cause by planting signs on the side of the road and on telephone poles.

I keep waiting for the sign with the punch line. Any ideas?

There is a lot to this issue. I'm not choosing sides.
Just my observation.

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  1. I see your point, Ann! I think Measure 49 was created to close the loop holes that Measure 37(?) created, and putting signs up must be a fairly cheap way to advertise for your "cause".
    I have been hearing a lot about the issue on the radio and have decided that I would rather see trees and parks than buildings and strip malls. I believe there is more than enough of that around already! -Toni

  2. How about signs that say "Ban Lawn Signs"


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